Young baking prodigy Andy Coyle shines in Kids Baking Championship

A youthful prodigy, Andy Cyole, has made his mark in the baking industry at an impressively tender age. His exceptional baking prowess has earned him international recognition, primarily due to his participation in the Kids Baking Champion. With the show in progress and considering Andy’s extraordinary talent, it wouldn’t be surprising if he emerges as the champion.

The Kids Baking Champion is now in its 12th season, which premiered on the 1st of January, 2024 at 8 p.m., after successfully completing its 11th season.

Born in 2012, Andy Coyle celebrates his birthday on February 17th annually. On his birthday, the young baker prepared his cake, sharing it on Instagram with the caption, “Happy birthday to me! Yes… I made my own cake 🤣🎂🤣🎂🤣”.

Regarding his family, Andy only recently appeared on the show and has not yet introduced his parents to the media. The unavailability of the show online also poses a challenge in revealing the identities of his parents. However, an Instagram post by Andy, where he showcased a cake he baked for his father’s birthday, gave away his father’s name as John.

Andy’s love for his family is also evident in his gesture of baking a cake for his parents on their anniversary, which he shared on Instagram. As for siblings, Andy initially did not mention them on the show. But an Instagram post where he baked a cake for his sister and sent it to her university hinted at her presence in his life.

At a young age, Andy has already demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess. In 2019, he launched a small baking business named ‘andysbigheadbakery’, with an accompanying Instagram account. His posts feature all the cakes he prepares for his loved ones and customers. His participation in the Kids Baking Championship will undoubtedly provide a significant boost to his business.

The 12th season of the Kids Baking Championship features 12 contestants, including Andy Coyle, Levi Dubner, Anainah Hodges, Leland Jackson, Jaime Lee, Madison Lendor, Henry Muranaka, Tasi Savage, Lila Smethrust, Elsie Stark, Oscar Stowell, and Camryn Williams, all aged between 9 and 13 years old. After just one day of airing, Henry Muranaka was the first contestant to be eliminated, leaving 11 participants vying for the grand prize of $25000.

Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are the familiar faces returning as hosts and judges. The show, which has 10 episodes, is yet to be aired online after its premiere on TV cable channel Foods Network. The first episode saw the young competitors creating cakes to commemorate school picture day, with each cake featuring an edible photo on top and emoji patterns representing the bakers’ interests.