Woman shot in Uttar Pradesh police station: officer suspended

An incident that has taken the internet by storm centres around a woman from Uttar Pradesh who was reportedly shot by police. The event has been widely searched for online, as people across the globe seek to understand the circumstances and latest developments. Here we provide an overview of the incident and its aftermath.

Fatal Police Encounter in Uttar Pradesh with a Woman

In a worrying incident in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a woman named Ishrat found herself on the receiving end of a gunshot. The shocking event took place on December 8th at 2:50 pm, as per the report. According to the report, the 55-year-old woman had gone to the local police station for a query related to her passport. A police officer a scant distance from her reportedly cocked his weapon, and a shot was accidentally discharged.

The report suggests that the officer responsible for her passport verification had been pestering her for a bribe. The family further alleges that the officer shot her following a heated argument. Jeeshan, a relative of the wounded woman, shared, “She visited the police station for passport-related inquiry. She had been receiving calls for money. We don’t know who shot her or what the demanded payment was. There was a disagreement between them.” Subsequent to the incident, Ishrat was taken to a hospital, where her condition has been declared critical.

The officer implicated in the incident has reportedly managed to evade capture. The narrative suggests that the policeman, identified as Manoj Sharma, unintentionally fired the shot while cocking his gun. Sharma has subsequently been suspended, and a criminal case has been lodged against him.

Kalanidhi Naithani, a senior police officer in the district, was quoted in the news saying, “A criminal case has been lodged against Inspector Manoj Sharma for his negligence, and he has been suspended with immediate effect. The medical team is attending to the injured woman, and a field unit is examining the video footage of the incident.” This incident has again raised concerns about police practices and underscores the need for greater transparency and accountability within the force.