Who is Ben Brown? Florida Plastic Surgeon Under Investigation as Wife Dies During Multiple Procedures at His Clinic


A Florida-based plastic surgeon, Ben Brown, is facing investigation after his spouse died while undergoing treatment at his clinic. Ben’s Restore Plastic Surgery clinic was where the surgeon’s wife sought treatment. However, during the treatment, she fell into a coma and even experienced cardiac arrest, ultimately leading to her death, which was announced later on.

Read ahead to know more about plastic surgeon Ben Brown’s wife dies amid her treatment at her husband’s clinic giving rise to an investigation over the same.

Florida-based plastic surgeon Ben Brown’s wife dies amid her treatment

News about a Florida-based plastic surgeon, Ben Brown, and his now late wife, Hillary Brown, has gone viral for a shocking reason. Several reputable media outlets have reported that Hillary was undergoing treatment administered by her husband, Ben, which tragically resulted in her death.

According to reports from USA Today, on November 21, 2023, Hillary is said to have collapsed due to an overdose of medication, leading to cardiac arrest. This incident occurred while she was receiving treatment at Ben Brown’s Restore Plastic Surgery clinic in Gulf Breeze.

More about Hillary Brown’s death after undergoing surgery at her husband’s clinic

According to the Pensacola News Journal, around 4:15 pm local time on November 21st, Ben called 911 from his clinic to report the condition of the female patient identified as Hillary Brown. It was stated that Hillary had suffered cardiac arrest due to overmedication.

Ben attempted CPR on his wife, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. On November 24th, while Hillary remained in a coma, Ben posted on social media, asking for prayers for her well-being.

However, not receiving the desired response, her family made the difficult decision to take her off life support. Hillary’s brain had suffered damage due to a lack of oxygen supply, and following her passing, her organs were donated.

Investigation Hillary Brown’s death while undergoing treatment at Ben Brown’s clinic

After the tragic death of Hillary Brown while seeking treatment at her husband’s clinic shocked everyone, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office is looking into the matter with an ongoing investigation. Not to be missed, Hillary’s parents have been devastated by her death and are determined to get answers about their daughter’s demise.

The statement from Marty Ellington, the father of Hillary is read as “We want answers. We haven’t been given answers. If it’s a mistake, it was a mistake, but it doesn’t bring my daughter back, you know. I don’t want his money. I don’t want anything. All i want is an answer because I think that we owe that to my daughter”.

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