Tama Tonga: a wrestling force to reckon with in New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Alipate Aloisio Leone, more commonly recognised by wrestling enthusiasts as Tama Tonga, is a Tongan-American professional wrestler. With the Never Openweight Championship to his name, he’s a crucial figure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). He is not only well-known for his wrestling prowess but also as a founding member of the Bullet Club.

Off the wrestling ring, Tama Tonga leads a rather private life. He married his beautiful wife in January 2017, in a private ceremony attended by just a handful of close friends and family. Despite his fame in the wrestling world, he chooses to keep his personal life away from the public eye and the media. Fans and media, in turn, respect his wishes and allow him to keep his personal life separate from his professional persona.

Delving into his family history, it is clear that wrestling runs in his blood. Tama was adopted by his maternal aunt and her husband, the renowned professional wrestler Tonga Fifita, also known as Haku or Meng. He was raised in Poinciana, Florida with strong connections to the wrestling world. His bond with fellow Bullet Club member Bad Luck Fale, discovered while training at the NJPW dojo, further reinforces these connections. Now based in Orlando, Florida, Tama and his brother Tevita often travel to Japan for NJPW tours.

Tama’s bond with his adoptive brother and biological cousin, Tevita, extends beyond familial ties. They form the tag team, the Guerrillas of Destiny, in NJPW and have achieved notable success. In addition to Tevita, Tama has a younger biological brother, Taula, who also graces the wrestling ring under the name Hikuleo. These strong familial ties within the professional wrestling realm indicate a shared passion and dedication to the industry.

Tama Tonga’s family tree extends beyond his immediate family, with connections running deep in the wrestling world. His relationship with Bad Luck Fale, discovered during their training at the NJPW dojo, adds an interesting layer to his family dynamics, highlighting the intertwined relationships within the wrestling community.

In conclusion, Tama Tonga’s life both in and out of the wrestling ring is deeply rooted in family ties and a shared commitment to professional wrestling. His adoptive brother Tevita and biological brother Taula form a crucial part of his wrestling journey, showcasing the depth of familial bonds and dedication to the sport within the Leone family.