Takeoff’ Accuser Seeks Unconventional Defendant Twist In Ongoing Rape Lawsuit


The woman who filed a rape lawsuit against Migos member Takeoff in 2020 reportedly wishes to include his mother as a defendant to ensure the case progresses. As per MyNewsLA, the plaintiff, accusing Takeoff of rape in 2020, has submitted legal documents requesting the continuation of the lawsuit following the rapper’s demise in November. Allegedly, she insists that Takeoff’s mother, Titiana Davenport, be designated as the defendant, given her role as the acting administrator of his estate. The court is anticipated to make a decision on this matter during the next hearing scheduled for February 22, 2024. An unidentified woman initiated legal proceedings against the Atlanta rapper in August 2020, asserting that he sexually assaulted her on June 22 of the same year.

Jane Doe alleges she was at a party when Takeoff began looking at her, making her feel uneasy. She alleges the rapper subsequently saw her with DJ Durel, causing the two men to argue. She then claims Takeoff entered her room and raped her despite her objections to his sexual attempts. Takeoff’s attorney, Drew Findling, issued a statement in which he disputed the allegations. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office opted not to seek criminal charges in the case in April 2021.

The Woman Who Sued Takeoff For Rape In 2020 Wants His Mother Titiana Davenport To Be Defendant For The Lawsuit To Continue

The unnamed woman who filed a 2020 rape lawsuit against Takeoff apparently seeks to involve his mother, Titiana Davenport, as a co-defendant to advance the legal proceedings. As reported by the New York Post, the case was initially lodged in the Los Angeles Superior Court in August 2020, accusing the deceased rapper of sexually assaulting her on June 23, 2020, during a party at an Encino residence. According to the legal documents, she resisted his advances multiple times and claimed that Takeoff made her uncomfortable before following her into a bedroom and committing the assault. Subsequently, she was taken to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals discovered evidence of sexual violence and alerted the police. At that time, the former Migos member vehemently denied all allegations, and the L.A. County District Attorney’s office chose not to pursue charges due to insufficient evidence. Reports indicate that he was set to testify at the beginning of this year.

Takeoff’s attorney, Drew Findling, issued a statement in which he disputed the allegations. “The accusations have been reviewed and we have also performed our own due diligence,” the statement continued. “It is obvious that the allegations levelled against Takeoff are plainly and demonstrably false.” According to the claims and statements made in this complaint, the plaintiffs’ representatives have not interviewed relevant witnesses or analysed available evidence.” “Takeoff is known for his artistic talent as well as his calm, reserved, and serene personality,” it says. In this case, his known psychological flaws have made him the clear target of an exploitative money grab. As his solicitors, we are well aware of the necessity of civil and criminal prosecution for true sexual assaults. This is not one of those cases.” Takeoff was shot and died outside of a Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022, as previously reported by HOT 97.