Summer Walker Addresses Pregnancy Rumors Amidst Speculation About Lil Meech’s Child

Singer Summer Walker has set a goal of having six children before turning 30, dismissing rumors of being pregnant with Lil Meech’s child. Summer Walker is already a mother to three kids, but that’s not the end of her family plans, as she wishes to expand her family with more children before reaching the age of 30.

Read ahead to learn more about Summer Walker’s desire to have six children before she turns 30, along with her denial of pregnancy rumors involving Lil Meech.

Summer Walker wants six kids before she’s 30

American singer Summer Walker is relishing her role as a mother to her three children. However, her joy doesn’t stop there, as she has a strong desire to expand her family even further. She openly shared this aspiration during a recent Instagram live session.

Summer Walker in her latest Instagram live said “Hoping and praying i have twin boys again after tour”. She added “That would really make my life”. Not only that, but Walker also intends to have a total of six kids before she turns 30, even though she is already a mother of three.

More about Summer Walker wanting to have six kids before 30

About having just two years to have six kids, the singer said “I’m not having no more kids after thirty”. She added, “I got two years to get it crackin’”. While there’s still time for her to complete her family as she desires, there have also been certain rumors about her.

Lil Meech in a viral clip had said “I got one on the way right now” hinting about his partner’s pregnancy. He had added further as “My girl pregnant. Say congratulations”. This made many to believe that Summer is pregnant with Meech’s child.

Summer Walker addresses rumours of her pregnancy with Meech’s child

About the rumors of her pregnancy, Summer had said “I’m not pregnant”. In fact, to prove the same, Summer even showed her flat belly on Instagram Live to all. She added “I feel kinda offended ’cause i been in the gym and everything”‘.

Though there’s still time to see if Summer completes her family with six kids before she turns 30, she already has twin boys with her ex, Larry Williams, and a daughter with her other ex, London On Da Track. Despite her past, she is willing to expand her family even further.

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