Selena Gomez Shocks Fans by Confirming Romance with Benny Blanco in Social Media Comment

Fans were left in awe when Selena Gomez publicly acknowledged her relationship with Benny Blanco. This revelation came about when she commented on a celebrity news page’s post on social media, addressing the rumors surrounding her and Benny Blanco. The @PopFaction Twitter account had initially suggested that Selena Gomez might be romantically involved with Benny Blanco. In response, the singer simply stated “facts,” confirming the accuracy of the reports about her dating the record producer. Not long after, she posted an Instagram story featuring Benny, solidifying their connection in the comments section of the original post. Additionally, on various social media fan pages, Selena affectionately referred to Benny as her “absolute everything” and expressed that she has been at her “happiest” with him.

In response to the widespread reactions to Selena Gomez’s social media photo, she affectionately labeled him the “best thing ever” in the comments section. However, the disclosure of their romantic involvement received significant backlash from the public, leading to strong criticism directed at the singer. The speculations about Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco being a couple had circulated for an extended period, particularly following their collaboration on the song “I Can’t Get Enough” in 2019. While Selena Gomez has addressed some of the negative comments regarding her relationship on social media, Benny Blanco has opted to maintain a silent stance on the matter thus far.

Selena Gomez Is Being Chastised By Fans After Confirming Her Relationship With Music Producer Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez has responded to fans’ inquiries following the revelation of her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco. The speculation initially started when PopFaction, a celebrity news fan account, suggested that the two musicians were romantically involved. In the comments section of her post, Gomez confirmed the rumors succinctly with the word “Facts.” She also showed empathy towards a fan who made a negative comment about Benny’s appearance, stating that he has taken care of her better than anyone else. Gomez declared that Benny is the most significant person she has ever been with, emphasizing that he is her ‘total everything in her heart.’

In response to another fan expressing confusion and disapproval about the new relationship, Gomez asserted her happiness and stated that she won’t let others’ comments dictate her life. She expressed a firm stance, saying, “I’m done. If you’re not going to accept me when I’m at my happiest, then you shouldn’t be in my life at all.” Gomez also shared an intimate picture of herself cuddling with Benny. Celebrity news sites reported that Selena and Benny started following each other on Instagram, and subsequently, Gomez’s mother followed the music producer as well.

Benny fueled the speculation a few days ago when he tweeted a photo of a note written by his ‘girlfriend’ with a woman sleeping behind it who resembled Gomez. Back in 2018, the two collaborated on a song called ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ with J Balvin, and it appears that they have remained in touch ever since. Gomez has previously been linked to Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Zedd, and The Weeknd. Selena is ‘casually dating and doing well,’ according to a source who told Entertainment Tonight in late November. “As far as she’s concerned, she’s doing her own thing and doesn’t feel any obligation to be in a relationship,” they shared. She’s just focused on what’s best for her right now and has been extremely aware of her own boundaries.”Her friends and family are rooting for her and simply want her to be happy.” Many netizens appeared to be dissatisfied with Gomez after she acknowledged her romance with Benny Blanco. According to one user, this isn’t her; she was hacked. Another person said, “Now I think she’s just toying with us & having fun.” While Selena Gomez has reacted to several critical remarks regarding her relationship on the internet, Benny Blanco has chosen to remain silent about the matter thus far.

Selena Gomez’s Relationship Confirmation Sparks Social Media Frenzy