See: Kevin Hart Fires Back at Katt Williams on ‘NBA Unplugged’ with Hilarious Knicks Facts

In a recent episode of ESPN’s alternative broadcast, “NBA Unplugged,” Kevin Hart showcased his comedic prowess while addressing fellow comedian Katt Williams. The banter unfolded during the Knicks’ dominating performance against the 76ers, steering the conversation towards Williams, who had taken shots at Hart on the “Cub Shay Shay” podcast earlier in the week.

Kevin Hart: A Comedic Showdown Unveiled

Williams, known for his candid remarks, criticized Hart’s Hollywood career, asserting that no one remembers a sold-out Kevin Hart show or him receiving a standing ovation at any comedy club during his 15 years in the industry. Responding in a post on X, Hart teased his new Netflix movie, “Lift,” but it was on the live NBA show that he truly unleashed his comedic retaliation alongside the Plastic Cup Boyz.

Jovially presenting “fun” facts about Williams, Hart cleverly intertwined the comedian’s persona with the New York Knicks. He playfully claimed, “I don’t know if you guys know this, but Katt Williams bought the Knicks, and it’s rumored that he took the Knicks back, returned them with a receipt. He’s the first person to ever do that. He bought them for 15 days and returned them. That’s another fun fact about the New York Knicks.”

Not stopping there, Hart even humorously alleged that Williams had a stint playing for the Knicks. The live feed then transitioned to the Lakers-Grizzlies pregame, where Hart, in his signature style, tossed another jab at Williams, this time dragging Ja Morant into the mix. “Another known fact, Katt dropped [Morant] off. He gave him a ride.”

The question lingers – will this exchange squash the beef between Hart and Williams or serve as tinder for a comedic rivalry? Only time will reveal the trajectory of this amusing duel between two comedy heavyweights. As the laughter echoed through the NBA Unplugged studio, the audience was left eagerly anticipating the next move in this playful exchange of banter.

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