Scott Bok responds to rumours about his sexual orientation

Scott Bok, a well-respected figure in the business and education sector, finds himself at the centre of speculation concerning his personal life. As Chairman and CEO of Greenhill & Co., a boutique investment bank, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the University of Pennsylvania, his private affairs have attracted public scrutiny. In particular, questions have been raised about his sexual orientation. This article sets out to clarify these rumours and shed light on his personal relationships.

In November 2023, whispers about Scott Bok’s sexual orientation gained traction. This occurred when prominent alumni and donors from the University of Pennsylvania accused him of anti-Israel sentiments and antisemitism. The accusations were centred around his alleged failure to denounce terrorist attacks on Israel and permitting an event featuring Palestinian writers to take place on campus without proper investigation.

The accusers suggested that his loyalty to the University and its Jewish community was questionable, hinting that he was manipulated by his alleged “gay lover”, supposedly a Palestinian activist. Yet, these accusations lacked substantial evidence.

Scott Bok responded to these allegations with a letter, clarifying his stance on the matter. He stated that he was neither antisemitic nor anti-Israel, affirming instead his strong support for both. He condemned the terrorist attacks on Israel and expressed solidarity with the Jewish community at Penn. He also clarified that the event featuring Palestinian writers was not officially endorsed or organized by the University but by an independent student group.

Furthermore, he outrightly denied having a “gay lover” or being involved in Palestinian activism. Instead, Scott Bok has been married to a woman, Roxanne Conisha Bok, since 1981, with whom he has two children.

Scott and Roxanne’s love story began at the University of Pennsylvania, where they were both students. Roxanne, a transfer student, lived across the hall from Scott in what is now known as Rodin College House. After graduating in 1981, the pair tied the knot.

Roxanne, an English graduate from the College of Arts & Sciences at Penn, is an author and passionate animal lover. She penned a memoir, “Horsekeeping: One Woman’s Tale of Barn and Country Life”, detailing her transition from city life in Manhattan to rural living in Connecticut where she raises horses.

The couple, now married for over four decades, share two children. Alexander Bok, a Penn alumnus, works as a vice president at Greenhill & Co., under the guidance of his father. Caroline Bok pursued her bachelor’s degree in history at Yale University and is currently working towards a master’s degree in public policy at Harvard University.

The Bok family’s generosity extends beyond their personal lives. They have made substantial donations to several institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania. They founded the Bok Family Professorship in the Humanities in the School of Arts & Sciences, the Bok Endowed Visiting Writers Series Fund at the Kelly Writers House, and the Scott L. Bok Scholarship Fund at Wharton. In addition, they support the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, and the Lyme Land Conservation Trust.