Ruby Leigh’s unexpected song choice in ‘The Voice’ semi-finals stuns fans

The semi-final performance of Ruby Leigh in ‘The Voice’ Season 24 has left fans bewildered as her performance was not as dynamic or graceful compared to her previous appearances. She opted out of including the anticipated yodeling portion in her song, leaving fans feeling somewhat shortchanged. However, it is important to note that her performance was commended by all four judges on the show, namely Niall Horan, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Reba McEntire.

Concerns over Ruby Leigh’s Health
Ruby brought an emotional element to her semi-final performance, making an appearance with her father, who she acknowledged as her “biggest fan”. She fulfilled her dream of performing her most-cherished song by John Denver, “Take Me Home Country Roads”. The choice of song did, however, confuse viewers as they were expecting a Taylor Swift song in the episode dedicated to the artist. The divergent opinions of fans and critics have sparked an online discussion about Ruby’s prospects in the competition. While all four judges lauded Ruby, the audience responses have been varied. Some critiques suggested that Ruby appeared to be “shouting” instead of singing.

John Legend extolled Ruby for her “authentic” and “consistent” performance. He was particularly impressed by her ability to reach the high notes, expressing surprise that Ruby, only 16 years old, could accomplish the “high chest notes” with such ease. Reba described the performance as a “get it go’ show”, expressing admiration for Ruby’s ability to deliver on all the key points discussed during rehearsals. The Voice Finale will be broadcast in two parts on December 18th and 19th at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Fans’ reactions to Ruby’s performance have been mixed, with one fan wondering if she was unwell, and another questioning whether she had chosen the right song at this critical stage of the competition.

In the semi-finals, Ruby brought a touch of emotion to her performance as she introduced her father, acknowledging him as her “biggest fan”. She then delivered on her promise by performing her favourite John Denver song “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” It was a surprise to many viewers who expected her to sing a Taylor Swift song in the special episode. However, it was later clarified that the singers were permitted to perform a solo of their choosing before executing Swift’s songs. The judges applauded Ruby’s ability to effortlessly hit the high notes during rehearsals. Their positive feedback suggests that Ruby possesses a wealth of talent and potential to succeed in the competition.