Rapper Ja Rule Claps Back at Haters with Major Label Deal Potentially Valued at $100M


Rapper Ja Rule has hit back at his haters after signing a potentially $100 million deal with a new label. Ja Rule recently inked a significant deal, and it seems that has provided him with a reason to respond to all those who sent hatred his way. While sharing the good news on social media, Ja Rule even disclosed the worth of his deal.

Read ahead to learn more about Ja Rule hitting back at haters after signing a significant deal with a new label.

Ja Rule hits back at haters after signing big deal with new label

Rapper Ja Rule may have millions of fans across the world, but he also has to deal with haters, often encountering them on social media. While there might be several reasons why his haters target him, recently the rapper had the chance to hit back at them with some good news.

Ja Rule has signed a deal with a new label, and he shared the news on his social media, even addressing his haters in the post. However, this didn’t stop the hate from coming his way, and the rapper took the time to clap back at those as well on social media.

Ja Rule shares signing potentially $100 million deal with new label

It was on 4th Jan this year that Ja Rule took to social media to share the good news saying “Just signed my new label deal potentially worth a hundred mill…LFG!!! Thanks for the love and to the haters SMD”. While Rule was happy to make the announcement. Some hate comments came along on this post too.

A few even took a dig at Ja Rule’s beef with 50 Cent. As one of the users on social media wrote “Let’s respark up the feud with 50”. To which Rule responded saying “Loser mentality…..That’s beneath me!!!”. While many other hate comments made him react to it too.

Ja Rule hints at his new album

It’s been a long time since rapper Ja Rule released an album, but fans are hopeful for a new one soon. This week, Rule hinted at the possibility of a new album in a social media post, giving his fans some anticipation.

His post read, ‘In full Album mode…..#CWWTST.’ The abbreviation used in the post might be referring to the title of his album. However, he had previously used the same abbreviation in one of his posts. Meanwhile, we are eagerly waiting for the right time to learn more about what Ja Rule is planning to bring for his fans.

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