Prominent hairstylist Angus Mitchell’s life and death under scrutiny

The late Angus Mitchell, a distinguished hairstylist and son of the legendary Paul Mitchell, was as well-known for his personal life as he was for his professional achievements. His sudden death at the age of 53, reportedly from drowning in his own swimming pool in Honolulu, has brought his personal life into the spotlight.

Michelle Raab was the first person to be known as Angus Mitchell’s wife. Their union was the first of his three marriages, as reported by the NY Post. His second wife was Sian Morgan, a British model with her own established career.

However, it was with his third wife, Mara, that Mitchell was married at the time of his untimely passing. While the details of their relationship are somewhat enigmatic, they were believed to have been together for several years, fostering a relationship of love and companionship.

Images shared on Instagram by Mitchell, featuring his wife and friends, were posted just hours before his tragic passing. The frequent appearances of Mara on Mitchell’s Instagram feed were indicative of their strong bond and shared moments of happiness. Their marital bliss was tragically cut short by Mitchell’s sudden death, leaving an immense, irreplaceable void in their lives.

In addition to his marriages, Mitchell was also a father. From his second marriage with Sian Morgan, a son named Dylan was born, marking a significant milestone in Mitchell’s life. Their union was intense and passionate, resulting in the birth of their son, but was short-lived, lasting only nine months.

The end of their marriage triggered a bitter custody battle for Dylan, a challenging period filled with court appearances and emotional strife for both parents. The court proceedings revealed a turbulent relationship with accusations from both sides, with young Dylan unfortunately caught in the middle.

There is no public information suggesting that Mitchell had other children, leading to the belief that Dylan might be his only child. The legacy of the late renowned hairstylist now continues through Dylan, a poignant reminder of a chapter in his life that, while brief, was profoundly impactful.