Patrick Mahomes questions NFL’s offside protocol in heated match

Patrick Mahomes, the celebrated Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, is widely recognised for his exceptional gameplay and composed demeanour. Yet, during a recent match against the Buffalo Bills, where the Chiefs lost 20-17, Mahomes exhibited a rare show of frustration, taking issue with the referees over an offside call. This display of exasperation was unexpected, sparking curiosity among fans and media alike.

In the Buffalo Bills match, the performance of the Kansas City Chiefs was somewhat lacklustre, causing widespread frustration among the team. Still, it was Mahomes’ ire that was most striking. His discontent was evident as he was seen being held back on the sidelines post-match, clearly upset over a call involving Toney, the referee’s decision with which he disagreed. Mahomes was visibly agitated, vocally expressing his dissatisfaction from the sidelines after the Bills took possession of the ball, using up the remaining time. His frustration was still palpable during the post-match press conference.

Despite his usually composed demeanour, Andy Reid also voiced his disappointment with the officiating team. He was particularly upset that officials did not inform Kadarius Toney that he was lined up offside as per usual practice. Reid expressed his belief that the situation was somewhat embarrassing for the National Football League, a sentiment echoed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

After the match, Mahomes sought to clarify the reasons for his visible frustration. He explained that his issue was less about the offside call and more about the standard protocol for offensive offsides. He acknowledged that Toney was indeed near the line, even slightly over, but his primary objection was the general protocol for offensive offsides. He expressed his frustration with the call, saying, “It’s just the call, man, in that moment.”

Mahomes further explained, “I’ve played in the NFL for seven years and never had offensive offsides called.” He added, “Do you want to make a call like that with just a minute remaining? Let us play the game.” He also underscored the effort that everyone puts into the game and how a single flag can alter the outcome.

Expanding on his thoughts, Mahomes expressed his wish for games to be determined on the field rather than by a flag. He recognised that referees are human and prone to errors but was frustrated by the seeming regularity of controversial calls. Despite his disappointment, he reiterated his commitment to giving his all in every match, even though the conclusion of this particular game was challenging to accept.

This incident served as a reminder that even the most composed players can become impassioned in the face of perceived unfairness. Despite the loss and the controversy, Patrick Mahomes remains one of the most respected players in the NFL, lauded for his skill, leadership, and usually his equanimity.