Pandya Store Today’s Written Update 4 January 2

Hello viewers, here we are coming back with a new episode of Pandya Store. People are curious about today’s fresh episode. This report will give you the details of the Pandya Store 4th January 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha plans to ruin Dhawal and Suhani’s haldi”. The episode starts with Natasha. She tells Hetal that she loves a lot to Dhawal and she can’t stay without him. She requests Makhwana’s daughter-in-law to break this marriage. Hetal says you know that our mind doesn’t work in these things, you tell us we will do it. Pranali says to Natasha don’t worry just tell us what we have to do.

Pandya Store Today’s Written Update

Natasha says wait I need a little time to think about it. She gets an idea and tells them. Pranali, Dolly, and Hetal agree. Natasha says but who will put the hand into the haldi. Dolly says I can’t compromise with my skin, you know I am an influencer. Hetal says don’t worry Natasha I will put my hand. Natasha gets emotional and hugs Hetal. She takes Dolly with her. Hetal asks Pranali if Natasha will succeed in her plan. Amrish dances in Barat. He says this is my brother’s haldi and it is incomplete without the dance.

Dhawal refuses to dance. Amba sees Hetal and Pranali standing away from the function. Amba comes to them and asks why they are feeling tense. Pranli says that after the haldi, there is a lot of preparation for the mehendi and wedding, which is why they are feeling nervous. Natasha asks Dolly which of these two bowls will be sent to Suhani. Dolly says this left one. Chiku comes to the Makhwana brothers and starts dancing himself. Isha and Suman get worried. Natasha sees Chilku and mixes something into the haldi. Chiku asks Amrish why he is looking like that and calls him Saala.

Dhawal asks Chiku to behave decently. Chiku says to Dhawal you are forgetting that I am getting married with your sister therefore I am you, Jija Ji. Suman asks Mittu about Natasha. Mittu calls Natasha. Suman worries for Natasha. Amba comes there and asks her daughter-in-law why they have put the rose in only one bowl. Natasha comes and stops Chiku as Suman is waiting for Haldi. Natasha applies haldi to Chiku. The song Din Chaadhya Ni Aao Sakhi…plays in the background. Natasha sees secretly Dhawal. Amba asks her daughter-in-law to take this water, which will pour onto Suhani, and mix this Dhawal’s handi into Suhani’s haldi. Natasha worrying about Haldi’s bowl.