Painful when senior lancashire police officer peter lawson passes away at 50

Peter Lawson Obituary: A senior police officer from Preston, Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson, has tragically passed away at the age of 50. His sudden death has shocked the entire police force and the wider police community across the country. ACC Lawson was highly respected and admired for his outstanding service and dedication to the communities of Lancashire. As the tributes pour in, his colleagues remember him as an exceptional officer who oversaw various high-profile events and incidents throughout his career. This loss is deeply felt, and the police force is rallying together to support his grieving family.

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Tribute to Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson

Remembering the life and legacy of Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson, a dedicated and respected police officer who recently passed away. ACC Lawson, who was born and raised in Preston, leaves behind a profound impact on the communities he served. His untimely death has left a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and colleagues.

Sad News of ACC Lawson’s Passing


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson. On a somber Sunday morning, ACC Lawson peacefully passed away at his residence. While the exact cause of his death is believed to be medical, the coroner’s file is currently being prepared. This news has sent shockwaves through the police force and the wider law enforcement community.

Condolences from Chief Constable Chris Rowley

Chief Constable Chris Rowley leads the tributes to ACC Lawson, expressing his deep sorrow and extending his thoughts and prayers to Pete’s family and friends during this difficult time. ACC Lawson’s sudden departure has left an indelible mark on the entire force. He was not only an exceptional officer but also a highly respected and admired individual by all who had the privilege of knowing and working with him.

ACC Lawson’s Contributions and Respected Career


Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson’s contributions to the Lancashire Police force were invaluable. As the executive chair of the Lancashire Resilience Forum, he oversaw critical operations and played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of the community. ACC Lawson’s extensive experience as an accredited Strategic Firearms, Public Order, and Multi-Agency commander made him an asset during high-profile events and incidents. His dedication, intellect, and insight will be sorely missed by all.

Support and Remembrance

In times of loss, it is important to come together as a community to offer support and remember the life of Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson. ACC Lawson’s passing has left a void in the hearts of many, but it is through support and remembrance that we can honor his legacy and provide comfort to his family and loved ones.

Support for ACC Lawson’s Family


During this difficult time, it is crucial that we rally around ACC Lawson’s family to offer our unwavering support. The loss of a loved one is never easy, and the pain can be overwhelming. Let us extend our condolences, love, and assistance to his wife, children, and relatives. By standing together, we can help ease their burden and provide them with the strength they need to navigate through this challenging period.

Tributes from Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, joins in paying tribute to the remarkable life and career of ACC Lawson. He acknowledges ACC Lawson’s embodiment of the values of service, duty, and integrity, and expresses his gratitude for the privilege of working alongside him. Commissioner Snowden’s heartfelt words serve as a reminder of the impact ACC Lawson had on the community and the lasting impression he leaves behind. Let us join Commissioner Snowden in honoring ACC Lawson’s memory and the significant contributions he made to public service.

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson, a senior police officer from Preston, has sadly passed away at the age of 50. The cause of his death is believed to be medical, and the coroner’s file is being prepared. Chief Constable Chris Rowley expressed his condolences and described ACC Lawson as an outstanding officer who served Lancashire with pride. ACC Lawson also oversaw the Lancashire Resilience Forum and was responsible for various operations. Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden also paid tribute, highlighting ACC Lawson’s dedication and intellect. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and the entire police community during this difficult time.

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