Nicki Minaj Faces Backlash for Refusing to Sing ‘Starships’ During NYE Performance, Fans Slam Decision

Nicki Minaj’ fans are criticizing the rapper for not performing ‘Starships’ during her New Year’s Eve performance. Although Nicki has a discography filled with hit songs, ‘Starships’ is one of her notable hits. However, her decision not to perform it at the New Year’s Eve party has led her fans to slam her on social media.

Read ahead to learn more about Nicki Minaj’s fans criticizing the rapper for refusing to sing ‘Starships’ during her New Year’s Eve performance.

Nicki Minaj performs for New Year’s Eve

With 2023 wrapped up, fans of Nicki Minaj had the rapper perform on New Year’s Eve, and they really enjoyed it. The rapper was performing at E11EVEN in Miami, where her fans flocked to see Nicki perform for them. While Nicki performed several of her hit tracks.

A hit from 2012 has left the fans criticizing the rapper on social media. Well, it all happened when Nicki’s fans wanted her to sing ‘Starships.’ It seems like Nicki isn’t really fond of that song, which eventually led her to refuse singing it.

Nicki Minaj refused to sing “Starships” for New Year Eve’s performance

On New Year’s Eve, Nicki Minaj performed some of the best tracks from her discography. However, at one point, she even started singing ‘Starships.’ But halfway through the song, Nicki stopped, and fans began asking her to continue. Yet, to the surprise of all, the rapper refused to sing ‘Starships.’

@raptherapth When Nicki past Starships ! @Nicki Minaj #starships #nickiminaj ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Rap the rap ✅

Not just that, despite fans’ requests for Nicki to sing the 2012 hit track, she referred to the same as a ‘stupid song.’ Meanwhile, she then sang ‘Super Bass.’ Social media has already seen the rapper getting slammed for refusing to sing ‘Starships’ during her New Year’s Eve performance.

Fans slams Nicki Minaj for refusing to sing “Starships” during NYE performance

Social media was full of reactions from Nicki Minaj’s fans over the rapper’s refusal to sing ‘Starships’ during the NYE performance. Many slammed the rapper for calling the song ‘stupid,’ as it has been one of the hit songs of the rapper and one of the fans’ favorites as well.

One user about it commented on social media saying “it’s what got us all loving you. DONT FORGET ABOUT US”. Another went on to ask the rapper “why” on social media for refusing the song. A user even wrote, “she hates that song so much she’s so tasteless”.

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