Montreal hit-and-run claims two lives on New Year’s Day

The fatal hit-and-run incident involving Antoine Dubuc that occurred in Montreal on New Year’s Day has captured the attention of the online community. The tragic event led to the loss of two lives, and the person responsible is currently facing charges. Witnesses at the scene suggest that the individual was likely driving at high speed and failed to stop at a red light, which led to the catastrophic collision. Montreal police are now gathering CCTV footage to corroborate these accounts as part of their extensive investigation.

After the incident, the accused fled the scene, initially in his vehicle, followed by escaping on foot. Dubuc is now facing serious charges which include driving under the influence, fleeing the site of a fatal incident, and intoxicated driving.

The victims of this tragic hit and run have been identified as a man from Namibia returning from a church service and another man heading to a friend’s gathering. The incident has left a profound impact on people in Namibia. As per court documents, the deceased are Augustin Wesley Katimba, 30 and Michael Chintakis, 31.

Dubuc, aged 23, is facing six charges which include driving under the influence, fleeing the scene of an accident, and reckless driving that resulted in death. According to Montreal police, the suspect allegedly hit the two victims at a high speed and then escaped the scene in his vehicle before continuing his escape on foot.

Dubuc’s court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday, but it has been postponed and he is now due to appear on Monday. In a social media post, Namibia’s ambassador to the US, Margaret Mensah-Williams, who also represents the country in Canada, revealed that Katimba was of Namibian origin. He was returning home from church when he was struck in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville suburb of Montreal shortly after one in the morning on Monday.

According to the ambassador, Katimba had just celebrated his birthday on December 31st and was close to his home when the incident occurred. His untimely death has caused much sadness among his family and friends back in Namibia.

Friends of Chintakis in Montreal are mourning his unexpected death. He was on his way to a party at a friend’s house and was just asking for the entry code to his friend’s building when the incident happened. Chintakis’ friend, Spiros Ilias, found Chintakis’s jacket under an orange police sheet when he went outside after hearing from another friend who had just left the party. He found two bodies on the street.

Ilias, in an interview on Wednesday, described the incident as a “complete tragedy”. He remembered his friend as a passionate and inspiring soul who brought light to any room. Chintakis would have turned thirty-two on January 14th.

Another close friend, Casey Fragoulis, remembered Chintakis as a man with a big heart. Fragoulis said Chintakis loved everyone and saw the best in people despite their imperfections. He said he never heard Chintakis speak ill of anyone and that his presence made everyone feel instantly safe.

In his memory, Ilias and his friends have started a GoFundMe to help cover the funeral costs and provide a space to remember him.