Maryland teacher put on leave over Palestinian rights email signature

The ongoing dispute between the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and Israel continues to reverberate, affecting many lives in the process. One such individual is Ms. Hajur Al-Hajgan, a teacher who has recently been thrust into the limelight due to her email signature that bore a contentious phrase supporting Palestinian rights. The decision to place her on leave was met with disapproval from the Islamic community, who expressed concerns that she was being subjected to unfair treatment due to her Muslim faith. This development has led to increased public interest and searches for more information on the matter.

Hajur El-Hajgan, An Overview
Hajur El-Hajgan, a Black Muslim Arab American educator based in Maryland, has been put on administrative leave following her usage of a contentious statement in her email signature that supported Palestinian rights. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lodged a discrimination complaint on Wednesday on behalf of the mathematics teacher, who has been teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools since 2015. The complaint, filed on November 20, stated that the principal of Argyle Middle School in Maryland informed Ms. Al-Hajgan that she was being put on immediate leave due to her political and personal convictions.

Since 2015, Hajur El-Hajgan has been employed as a middle school mathematics teacher at Montgomery County Public Schools. Recently, she found herself under scrutiny when she was reportedly put on immediate leave for expressing personal and political views via her email signature. The lawsuit reveals that El-Hagin used the phrase to highlight Israel’s restrictions on Palestinians’ mobility within the West Bank, Gaza, and their entry into Israel, along with access to holy sites in Jerusalem. This term has been frequently used during pro-Palestinian protests amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas. At least one member of the US House of Representatives has faced severe criticism from colleagues for using this term.

Eva Frankl, a spokesperson for Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a pro-Palestinian organisation, stated at a press conference that Hajur El-Haggan has been targeted for her support of the Palestinian people, who are suffering from a devastating war that impacts every living being globally. Frankl questioned why support for Palestinian life is perceived as more problematic than supporting Black life, Jewish life, or women’s life. The complaint alleged that the plaintiff was subjected to discrimination based on race and religion, among other factors, and that the county’s actions were in violation of Maryland’s Fair Employment Practices Act (EPSA) and Title VII (EPSA). For more updates on the latest news, please continue to follow our website.