Malu Trevejo embroiled in viral video controversy and legal battles

The vocal artist and internet sensation, Malu Trevejo, saw her fair share of controversy and scrutiny in 2023, with a leaked video on Twitter and Reddit, along with a lawsuit from four former employees alleging abuse and sexual misconduct.

Understanding the Viral Controversy of Malu Trevejo’s Leaked Video

In the month of April 2023, a video that purportedly featured Malu Trevejo engaging in sexual activities on OnlyFans, a platform where creators share premium adult content with their subscribers, began circulating on Twitter and Reddit. The footage, which quickly went viral, triggered widespread criticism. Critics accused Trevejo of exploiting her younger audience, falsifying her age, and breaching OnlyFans’ terms of service.

In response to the backlash, Trevejo took to Instagram to deny the allegations, asserting that the leaked video was a counterfeit creation by an individual with a malicious intent to tarnish her image. She categorically stated that she was not an OnlyFans user and had never uploaded any explicit material online.

She expressed her intentions to take legal action against the individual responsible for the video leak, while also identifying herself as a victim of online bullying and harassment. However, her claims were met with skepticism, as some observers noted similarities between the leaked video and some of her TikTok uploads, such as her tattoos, jewellery, and attire.

Questions also arose regarding her ownership of an OnlyFans account, if not for the distribution of adult content. Despite the controversy, some followers stood by her, asserting her right to privacy and condemning the leaked video as an intrusion.

Legal Struggles Surrounding the Malu Trevejo Scandal

Earlier in the year, in January 2023, Trevejo was hit with a lawsuit by four former employees – a personal assistant, a security guard, a stylist, and a photographer. They alleged battery, defamation, sexual misconduct, breach of contract, amongst other offences. The complainants claimed that working with Trevejo was a dreadful experience that resulted in physical, emotional, and financial distress.

As per the lawsuit, Trevejo was accused of being abusive, disrespectful, demanding, and unprofessional. The allegations ranged from throwing tantrums, issuing threats, and assault, to exposing her staff to COVID-19.

Further allegations suggested that Trevejo had made unwelcome sexual advances towards some of her employees, involved them inappropriately, shared explicit images and videos, and propositioned them for threesomes. Additionally, she was accused of failing to pay them for their services and violating their contracts.

Trevejo, in her defence, rebutted these allegations, labelling them as false and driven by avarice. She expressed her distress over the accusations and vowed to fight for her innocence in court. She claimed to have evidence to back her innocence and firmly denied ever ill-treating anyone in her employment.

She further accused the complainants of attempting to blackmail her and trying to ruin her career. As it stands in December 2023, the lawsuit is yet to be resolved.