Lil Yachty Ignites Social Media Uproar with Bold Claim: Never Promoted Drugs or Violence in Music

Rapper Lil Yachty has been facing criticism over his recent claims about never glorifying negativity in his music. The rapper has been making social media buzz with his comments lately, most of which don’t sit well with netizens. One of these comments is about his music and its avoidance of negativity. Here’s what the rapper said.

Read on to learn more about Lil Yachty facing criticism on social media over claims that his music never glorifies negativity.

Rapper Lil Yachty talks about his music

It was recently, during an event with Rolling Stone featuring Tierra Whack, that the rapper talked about how his music differs from his peers. He said, “I always realized that I never had the fan base of certain peers because I didn’t glorify negativity.”

He further in his statement about his music said, “I didn’t glorify things that i didn’t stand by, you know”. In response to Lil Yachty’s comments, Tierra also agreed. However, it seems that netizens are not convinced with what both of them have been talking about.

Netizens criticize Lil Yachty for claiming his music didn’t glorify negativity

After the videos of the conversation between Lil Yachty and Tierra Whack went viral on social media, netizens couldn’t stop disagreeing with what the rapper had said about his music, claiming it never glorified negativity. Social media was flooded with reactions from some netizens criticizing the rapper.

One user on social media wrote, “The second line of Lil Yachty’s first Billboard Top 10 hit is ‘n#### touch my gang we gon turn this s### to Columbine.’”, while another one wrote, “Lil Yachty showing us that he took to Poland is actually just a rock.”

Rapper Lil Yachty reacts to criticism over his remarks

Lil Yachty, after facing criticism for his recent remark, took to his Instagram live to address the issue. He mentioned that with his remarks, he was just talking about keeping his “image clean” during the early times of his career.

In his Instagram Live, he said “I was talking about my business and my brand….and the endorsements i had”. He added further “Like, not putting guns in the videos and all that type of s####. If you listen to my first project….i wasn’t talking about guns and drugs”.

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