Life behind the scenes with Martha Merkatz, wife of famed Austrian actor

Venture into the lives of Martha Merkatz and her family. Get to know about her children, husband, and the lifestyle she leads.

Austrian actor Karl Merkatz, Martha’s husband, was renowned for his diverse roles in film and television. He was best recognised for his portrayal of Mundl in “A real Viennese doesn’t go down,” a performance that earned him accolades including the Best Actor award at the 2012 World Film Festival in Montreal.

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Profile: Martha Merkatz

Martha Merkatz is the spouse of the late, celebrated Austrian actor, Karl Merkatz. She leads a life away from the glare of media attention, valuing her privacy. Martha and Karl’s relationship was built on a mutual respect for their private lives, away from the media’s intrusive gaze.

Martha Metz became Martha Merkatz when she wed Karl Merkatz. Their wedding occurred in 1956, signalling the start of a lifelong union. Their bond remained strong over the years, and they brought up two daughters, Josefine and Gitta.

Despite her husband’s fame in the entertainment sphere, Martha Merkatz opted for a quiet existence, allowing Karl’s career to be the primary focus. Her deliberate decision to stay out of the public eye demonstrates her preference for a private lifestyle.

The couple’s shared respect for family life and personal privacy helped them balance the demands of fame while maintaining a sense of normality in their private lives. Presently, the details of Martha’s life apart from her association with Karl Merkatz remain largely private, a testament to the couple’s successful efforts at maintaining their privacy.

Martha Merkatz’s Age: Just How Old Is She?

The specifics of Martha’s birth date and age have not been publicly revealed in any known sources. As is the case with individuals who value their privacy, such information may be elusive.

In accordance with Martha Merkatz’s low public profile, her age and other personal details have not been widely disseminated.

Martha Merkatz’s age and personal details remain confidential, in keeping with her desire for privacy. (Image Source: Getty Images)

It is not unusual for people related to public figures, especially those who highly value their privacy, to keep such information private. In respecting her privacy, it is important to rely on information officially disclosed by the family or authorised representatives.

Martha Merkatz’s Husband: Karl Merkatz

Karl Merkatz, a native of Wiener Neustadt, Austria, originally dreamed of becoming a carpenter. His passion for theatre and acting, however, led him down a different path.

Following his apprenticeship, he set out on a journey to become an actor, receiving education at prestigious institutions like the Mozarteum in Salzburg and performing in various theatres, including those in Germany.

Martha Metz, Karl Merkatz’s spouse, played an instrumental role in his life, offering steadfast support and companionship throughout his illustrious career. Their commitment to each other spanned over six decades.

Karl Merkatz’s varied career has left an indelible mark on Austrian cinema. (Image Source:

Karl Merkatz’s impact on the entertainment world was significant, with his involvement in over 250 film and television projects. His portrayal of “Mundl” in “A Real Viennese Doesn’t Go Down” earned him widespread recognition and established him as one of the most cherished television characters in Austria’s history.

Merkatz’s versatility and talent were further demonstrated in other significant works, such as “Real Wiener – The Sackbauer Saga” and “Bockerer.”

In addition to his screen success, Karl was an esteemed figure, garnering several awards, including the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art. His autobiography, “That’s how I am,” released in 2005, provided a glimpse into his life and career.

Karl Merkatz passed away on December 4, 2022, but his legacy as a gifted actor lives on. His extensive body of work continues to be celebrated in Austrian cinema.

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