Leaked video controversy surrounds Kenyan politician Millicent Omanga

Kenyan politician, Millicent Omanga, who is known for her active participation in the legislative matters and her philanthropic works, is back in the news. Not only has she been a prominent figure in Kenyan politics as a nominated Senator for the Jubilee Party, but she also became Kenya’s most searched local personality on Google in 2023. However, the recent media attention is due to a video that has been leaked, and is being widely circulated on various social media platforms.

The controversial video, which has been making the rounds on the internet, shows Omanga in bed without clothing. It was first posted on social media groups and soon started to circulate on other platforms, pushing Omanga into a swirl of controversy. There have been instances where unverified sources have spread fake videos and multiple Twitter accounts have also shared counterfeit videos related to Omanga, apparently to attract more views.

The scandal has significantly increased the search interest in Omanga, as online users began to look for the video in question. There have been claims that Omanga was intoxicated in the video and was involved in an intimate moment. While many believe the video to be genuine, Omanga’s followers have argued that it is fabricated.

A shocking revelation made by an online portal alleges that the video was secretly recorded by Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, with the aim of blackmailing Omanga in the future. According to the portal, Sonko visited Omanga’s house while her husband was away on official duties and filmed the video without her consent.

In addition to the leaked video, Omanga’s dance videos have also been gaining attention on the internet. One such video from 2020, showing Omanga practising dance, was posted on her Facebook account and received mixed reactions from viewers. Another dance-related video of Omanga is currently trending on Twitter.

Omanga, who often finds herself the centre of public attention, has responded to some of her scandals in the past. However, she has chosen to remain silent on several occasions, indicating her preference to avoid unnecessary gossip.