Kid Cudi Slams Hater Over ‘Illuminati Humiliation Ritual’ Claims for 2021 SNL Dress

Rapper Kid Cudi hits back at a hater who claimed that the floral dress worn during the former’s SNL performance was an ‘Illuminati Humiliation Ritual.’ It was when Kid Cudi was on SNL to perform that he had worn an outfit which led someone to target him. However, a hater’s comment prompted the rapper to hit back, as the description of his dress did not sit well with him.

Read ahead to learn more about rapper Kid Cudi hitting back at a hater who called his SNL performance dress an ‘Illuminati Humiliation Ritual’.

Rapper Kid Cudi’s floral dress worn during SNL performance

While SNL often features musical performances, one memorable performance on the show was by none other than rapper Kid Cudi. The rapper performed the song ‘Sad People’ back in 2021 on SNL.

The clip of the performance has gone viral on social media, making it a target now. During the same performance, Cudi wore a floral dress as a tribute to Kurt Cobain.

Not to be missed, during the 1990s, Cobain would wear similar dresses on stage. Additionally, Cudi mentioned during his performance that his dress was designed by Louis Vuitton artistic director, Virgil Abloh.

Hater targets Kid Cudi’s 2021 SNL performance dress

While the floral dress worn by Kid Cudi during his SNL performance in 2021 may have been loved by his fans, a hater targeted it as well. A user on X commented about it, sharing the clip of Cudi’s SNL performance, saying, “Kid Cudi participating in an illuminati humiliation ritual…is the fame and fortune worth it?”.

This doesn’t seem to have gone well with Kid Cudi. The rapper took to social media this year to slam his hater. He shared a long tweet to criticize the person who targeted his dress and performance on SNL. He also explained his intentions behind wearing the floral print dress.

Kid Cudi slams hater for calling his 2021 SNL dress “illuminati humiliation ritual”

Kid Cudi took to X this week to slam the hater who called his SNL 2021 performance dress an ‘Illuminati humiliation ritual.’ In his X post, he wrote, “Dear Issac u silly stupid lil person and all people under this post. It’s the start of a new year and i got time for muthaf- as like you today”.

He added, “This post is mad f-in lame of u and sad. A black man can’t express himself and be confident AND successful without it being some conspiracy. My success was given to me by God with the help of my many angels”.

In his post, he also wrote “This moment was a proud moment for me, a shinin moment for all people who express themselves in their art. I felt free and alive, it inspired people and nothing u stupid simple a-es say can take that away from me. Happy new year u f-in simps”.

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