Kick Streamer “Ac7ionMan” Issues Apology and Faces Ban Over Controversial Comments on Islam and Gaza

After facing a ban on Kick over his controversial statement about Islam and Gaza, the streamer Ac7ionMan has come forward to apologize to all. The streamer made some comments about Islam that didn’t sit well with many during the Gaza conflict, resulting in the platform banning him. Here’s what Ac7ionMan has to say now about his statement.

Read on to learn more about streamer Ac7ionMan apologizing to all after his ban over a controversial statement about Islam and Gaza.

Kick streamer Ac7ionMan’s controversial statement about Islam and Gaza

The Gaza conflict was one of the hot topics for debate around the world, with everyone expressing support for the victims who suffered due to the war. Many well-known personalities took to their social media to voice their concerns about the situation.

However, streamer Ac7ionMan, also known as Aaron Travis, made some controversial statements about Gaza and Islam in the context of the conflict. The streamer insulted Islam and the people who follow that religion. Not only that, but he also encouraged people to join the military and head to Gaza.

Ac7ionMan faces ban over his controversial statement about Islam and Gaza

The Kick streamer, Ac7ionMan, has not only faced criticism for his statements about Islam and Gaza, but he was also seen drinking during one of his IRL streams, which also did not sit well with many.

However, in response to Aaron’s actions, Kick was quick to take action against him, banning the streamer as a consequence. It seems that the streamer has now realized his mistake and is offering an apology for it as well.

Aaron Travis apologizes after his Kick ban

Kick streamer Aaron Travis, after his ban on Kick, realized his mistake. It was through the streams of Ice Poseidon that Aaron apologized to everyone for his controversial statements about Islam and Gaza.

As for it, Aaron Travis said, “I just wanted to talk about it one more time. Because after this, I am just done with it man, done talking about it”.

Even after Aaron’s apology, some netizens are not in the mood to forgive the Kick streamer. One user commented on his apology, “No, because what kind of ignorant person says this.” Many similar comments flooded social media.

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