Kelly Clarkson Goes Viral for Heartwarming Moment, Officiates Gay Couple’s Wedding During New Year’s Eve Residency in Las Vegas

Kelly Clarkson, renowned American singer and TV personality, garnered widespread acclaim for her heartwarming act of assisting in the marriage of a gay couple during her New Year’s Eve concert in Las Vegas.

New Year’s Eve Surprise: Kelly Clarkson Officiates Wedding for Gay Couple During Las Vegas Concert

Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the first season of American Idol in 2002, has been a prominent figure in the music industry with ten studio albums, eight extended plays, and numerous singles to her credit. The singer’s New Year’s Eve show was part of her residency, “Chemistry: An Intimate Evening,” at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater in Las Vegas.

During the concert, Kelly Clarkson engaged with a gay couple in the audience, Brian Artzt and Marcello Cialini. The couple expressed their desire for Kelly to be a witness at their wedding, set ahead of their 14th anniversary in January. Netizens lauded the singer for her LGBTQ+ allyship and celebrated the couple online.

Brian and Marcello approached Kelly during the show, and when they confirmed the ceremony was that night, Kelly enthusiastically exclaimed, “Oh, it is tonight! With me!” The couple had their officiant present, and when they asked if the wedding could be done immediately, Kelly happily obliged.

The singer handed her microphone to the officiant, and the impromptu ceremony began. As the officiant led the couple through their vows, Kelly looked on with joy. The crowd erupted in cheers when the officiant declared, “By the power of Kelly Clarkson’s show, Las Vegas, New Year’s 2024, I pronounce you both husband and husband.”

The emotional moment was captured by fans and shared on social media platforms, drawing congratulatory messages and praises for Kelly’s inclusive spirit. Netizens commended her for spreading love and creating a heartwarming Vegas wedding experience.

Kelly Clarkson’s support for the LGBTQ+ community is not new; she has featured a gay couple in her 2013 music video for “Tie It Up” and celebrated same-sex couples’ engagements at her live shows. Notably, she posed for a photo with Kiana and Amanda Clark, a couple who got married in 2018, sharing the moment on her social media.

In addition to her musical success, Kelly has made a mark in the talk-show arena with “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Her advocacy for inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community earned her two Daytime Emmy Awards in December 2023, further solidifying her reputation as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

As Kelly Clarkson continues to use her platform to celebrate love and diversity, her recent act of helping unite a gay couple in matrimony has resonated with fans, reinforcing her positive impact on the community.

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