Kate Garraway: from ITV beginnings to GMTV fame and personal battles

Kathryn Mary Draper Garraway, better known as Kate Garraway, is an English presenter and journalist. She started her television career in the 1990s with ITV News Central before co-presenting ITV News Meridian. From 2000 until 2010, she was co-hosting GMTV. Currently, Garraway presents Mid Mornings with Kate Garraway on Smooth Radio, co-anchors the Good Morning Britain show on ITV Breakfast on Fridays, and reads the news on Thursdays.

Garraway’s media career began in 1989 when she worked as a production journalist, reporter, and news presenter for ITV Central South. A talent scout spotted her presenting a three-minute report on ITV Central, which led to her co-presenting the South East edition of ITV News Meridian on ITV Meridian in 1996. Two years later, in 1998, Garraway began working with Martin Stanford at Sunrise on Sky News.

However, it wasn’t just her career that took off; her personal life also saw significant changes. Garraway is currently happily married to psychologist Derek Draper, with whom she shares two children. But before her current marriage, she was married to Ian Rumsey, the news director of ITN. The pair met while working together at Meridian TV, where Rumsey was Garraway’s supervisor. They tied the knot in 1998.

The marriage, however, was short-lived. After four years, the couple separated amidst rumours of Rumsey’s infidelity. Allegedly, Garraway threw him out of their home due to suspicions of an affair with another TV host. Rumsey consistently denied these accusations, attributing the split to Garraway’s demanding schedule and early morning start times as GMTV’s host. Garraway later addressed these rumours, putting an end to the speculation.

Despite her past marital issues, Garraway has continued to thrive in her career. After Piers Morgan left Life Stories, she took over as presenter. In addition, she has been supporting her current husband Derek Draper through his ongoing battle with cancer. Garraway’s life story is indeed as captivating as the news stories she presents.