Joe Jonas Sparks Backlash Boarding Private Jet with Model Stormi Bree amid Sophie Turner divorce

Joe Jonas is facing criticism on social media, and it’s due to his appearance alongside model Stormi Bree amid his divorce with Sophie Turner. Just months after Joe and Sophie’s divorce, it seems like he has found someone new in his life. Fans have been speculating a lot about him and Bree.

Read ahead to learn more about Joe Jonas facing backlash for appearing alongside model Stormi Bree.

Joe Jonas and his love life

Apart from the success as part of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas has often been in the limelight for dating several ladies from the entertainment industry. Whether it’s Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, or others, Joe has been linked to many. However, he married Sophie Turner back in 2019, and they even share two daughters together.

But the couple’s marriage didn’t last long. In 2023, they separated. Meanwhile, months after their divorce, announced in September last year, it looks like Joe is getting spotted with another woman, and the internet has gone abuzz with the news.

Joe Jonas spotted with model Stormi Bree

Months after divorcing Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas has been spotted with another woman, and that’s making netizens react. Joe Jonas and model Stormi Bree were seen together boarding a private jet, making many believe that he has found new love.

While there’s been no confirmation about dating between Joe and Bree, it seems netizens aren’t happy to see the two together, especially after Joe parted ways with Sophie Turner. In fact, netizens went on to slam Joe Jonas after he was spotted with Bree.

Netizens slam Joe Jonas after getting spotted with Stormi Bree months after divorce from Sophie Turner

Couples often move on after separating from their partners. However, it seems that Joe Jonas, after being seen alongside Stormi Bree, has made netizens unhappy, and they have been criticizing Joe for it, especially considering his recent separation from Turner.

Despite any sort of relationship between Joe and Bree being confirmed yet, netizens took to social media to react. One user wrote, ‘Wasn’t he just married?’ Another one wrote, ‘He’s such a hypocrite. No one can take this boy seriously.’ Meanwhile, only time can reveal the truth behind Joe and Bree’s connection.

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