Jen Shah Denies Allegations: RHOSLC Star Refutes Claims of Giving Heather Gay a Black Eye

Jen Shah of RHOSLC denies allegations of giving co-star Heather Gay a black eye, refuting claims and addressing the controversy.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 recently aired an episode in which Heather Gay revealed something that sparked reactions from netizens. Heather, who was once the best friend of Jen Shah, discussed Jen in the recent season of RHOSLC.

Read ahead to learn more about Heather Gay’s revelation in Season 4, Episode of RHOSLC, which has left netizens reacting.

Heather Gay makes shocking revelation in recent episode of RHOSLC

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 aired its recent episode on Tuesday this year, and it has already created a buzz on social media. Some of the shocking revelations made by Heather Gay in the show left everyone talking about it on social media.

The Tuesday episode of Season 4 featured Heather Gay discussing Jen Shah and the new entry, Monica Garcia. Although Jen and Heather were initially good friends, the recent episode of RHOSLC had the latter reveal something about Jen this time.

Heather Gay reveals shocking details about Jen Shah and Monica Garcia

In Season 4, Episode of RHOSLC, Heather Gay confronted Monica Garcia along with other cast members of the show. While doing so, she even drew a comparison between Monica and Jen. She revealed that she got a black eye because of Jen Shah.

Not to forget, previously, Heather had said that she didn’t know how she got her black eye. However, in the recent episode of the show, she went on to blame it on Jen Shah. Also, the episode brought Monica face-to-face with the ladies of RHOSLC.

Heather confronted Monica, claiming she’s behind Reality Von Tea, which, according to Heather, is a fake Instagram account used to expose them.

Fans react over Jen Shah giving black eye to Heather Gay

While the Tuesday episode of RHOSLC season 4 had Heather Gay bring two shocking revelations. One of them was about how she had gotten the black eye. However, as Heather revealed it was all because of Jen Shah. We had netizens not surprised with the revelation.

One of the users on social media wrote β€œMe pretending to be shocked that Jen gave Heather the black eye”. While another one wrote, β€œBut we already knew Jen Shah gave you that black eye, girl! It was obvious”.

Jen Shah denies giving black eye to Heather Gay

While the Tuesday episode of RHOSLC Season 4 had Heather Gay make two shocking revelations, one of them was about how she got the black eye. However, as Heather revealed, it was all because of Jen Shah. Netizens were not surprised by the revelation

While in prison for fraud, Jen took to social media to deny the allegations made against her by Heather Gay.

On her Instagram story, Jen wrote, β€œBravo, if i punched Heather in her eye, you guys would have footage to prove it. It’s clear the show can’t live without me since I was brought up at beginning, middle and end of season 4. Andy is still b**t hurt that I turned down his 1:1 interview. Why would you sit down with someone who β€œgave” another cast member a black eye? Next story”.

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