Javier Milei: a look into the Argentine president’s private life

The family life of Javier Milei, the celebrated Argentine economist and author, has drawn significant interest since he assumed the presidency of Argentina on December 10, 2023. Milei is renowned for his libertarian economic principles, expressing strong support for free-market practices, minimal government interference, and fiscal conservatism.

Javier Milei was born to Norberto Horacio and Alicia Lujan Lucich on October 22, 1970, in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reports suggest his father, Norberto, is of Italian lineage, whereas his mother, Alicia, boasts Croatian ancestry. This mixed heritage contributes to Javier’s ethnic background.

Little is known about Javier’s parents, as they maintain a low public profile and he seldom discusses them in the media. Similarly, Javier’s personal life is largely shrouded in mystery, a clear testament to his respect for privacy.

Javier’s father, Norberto Horacio, and mother, Alicia Lujan Lucich, have been the subject of some public discussion. Milei has previously alluded to a challenging upbringing and strained relations with his parents in a television interview. His father was reportedly a bus driver, while his mother was primarily a homemaker. Milei has also disclosed that his father was abusive during his childhood. However, due to the private nature of Milei’s personal life, further details about his parents are scarce.

Diving deeper into Javier Milei’s family background reveals that he comes from Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has a younger sister named Karina. She has reportedly been a significant supporter of Javier from an early age, even participating in his political campaigns. Javier’s mother’s family name is Lucich. They are purportedly related to TV presenter Rodrigo Lussich, whose grandparents emigrated from Croatia to Argentina.

While Javier has never been married, there have been reports of a romantic relationship with actress Fátima Flórez, confirmed in August 2023. Prior to this, there were rumours of Milei having a romantic relationship with singer Daniela Mori. Despite these reports, both Javier and Fatima prefer to keep their romantic lives out of the public eye.