Imlie Today’s Episode Written Update Of 4 January 2

Here we are coming back with a new fresh episode of Imlie. The viewers are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Today’s article is about Imlie’s 4th January 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Imlie’s Tough Sacrifice”. The episode starts with Imlie. She says to Vishwa that he can only force her, not her heart, I which from my heart that Agastya should defeat me, and you are going to lose badly to Agastya. She fills vermilion in her hairline. Navya gives thali to Pandit Ji. The Chaudhary family comes here. Navya taunts them. Amma Ji recalls Agastya’s words. Navya asks Vishwa to call Imlie.

Imlie Today’s Episode Written Update

Imlie comes there. Navya asks Imlie why she applied the vermillion because it only applies to the married girl. She asks Imlie to remove mangalsutra and vermillion. Imlie looks at Agastya. Navya says how long you stay with the fake marriage memories, you can’t apply vermillion until you marry Vishwa. Vishwa says right, you should remove Agastya’s name vermillion. Imlie leaves from there. She recalls how Agastya filled her hairline with his blood and started crying. Sonali comes there and asks Imlie what happened. She asks Imlie if she is feeling pain in her eyes or heart.

Imlie says that neither that marriage nor this vermillion is real. Sonali says that doing this drama in front of someone else is the first thing that I come to know about your arrogance, and even today I have come to know about whatever you did. Imlie asks Sonali not to tell this to anyone. Sonali agrees. Imlie promises to herself that she will write one destiny. She removes the vermillion. Agastya sees that Imlie removed the vermillion. He gets upset. Vishwa comes to Agastya and asks if he is feeling odd after seeing Imlie without the vermillion, she is now my fiance, only mine.

Agastya gets angry. Vishwa holds Imlie’s hand and takes her to pooja. Amma Ji goes to Imlie and says I made a mistake in understanding you earlier and this time also, you applied the vermillion for Agastya’s money and removed it for Vishwa’s money, well done. Imlie sings the Arti. Chaudhary family stops and attends the aarti. Agastya says that he still has one property that can he sell. Sonali asks about the property. Imlie watches the accident video in her. Vishwa comes there and asks where she is going. Imlie says I am going to the bar.