Iman Shumpert Refutes Teyana Taylor’s ‘Cruel Treatment’ Allegations in Divorce Drama

In legal documents obtained by TMZ on Thursday, former NBA star Iman Shumpert is seeking the court’s dismissal of Teyana Taylor’s allegation of “cruel treatment” in their divorce case filed on November 22. Shumpert, 33, is urging the court to change the characterization of Taylor’s divorce claim from “cruel treatment” to “irretrievably broken bond.” He contends that Taylor, 32, has not provided evidence that he treated her in a way that caused discomfort during their marriage. Shumpert also points out that, according to a 1965 Texas divorce case, “cruel treatment” is defined as the intentional and persistent infliction of unnecessary anguish, whether realized or anticipated, on the mental or physical well-being of a spouse to a degree that makes cohabitation unsafe and intolerable.

In her initial divorce filing, the “Gonna Love Me” singer accused her ex-husband of not only being unkind to her but also of “displaying extreme narcissistic behaviour throughout the course of their marriage.”She additionally stated that Shumpert sent her “condescending and manipulative” communications and that he put her through an “emotional rollercoaster.” Additionally, Taylor claimed that the player “does not want to work for her” and refused jobs she offered despite his “insecurity” about ending his professional basketball career. When she declared their divorce on Instagram in September, she stated that “infidelity” was not one of the grounds for their split. She also praised their abilities to co-parent their two daughters, Junie, seven, and Rue, three.

Iman Shumpert Denies Accusations Of Cruel Treatment By Ex Teyana Taylor During Messy Divorce Proceedings

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s divorce is becoming tumultuous, with the former NBA star wanting to have her “cruel treatment” claim removed from their divorce file. The singer and dancer allegedly alleged Shumpert made her feel threatened in her Nov. 22 divorce application, citing “cruel treatment” as the cause for the split. That implies, according to Georgia case law, the marriage “must include the willful infliction of pain, bodily or mental, upon the complaining party, in a manner that reasonably grounds apprehension of danger to life, limb, or health.” Iman Shumpert, on the other hand, says that these variables are irrelevant to their case and requests that these accusations be removed from the papers. Documents obtained by TMZ show that he filed a divorce petition on Thursday asking for the grounds to be changed to “irretrievable broken bond.”. Shumpert also stated that he has never been reckless in caring for the couple’s two daughters, Junie, 7, and Rue, 3. Taylor alleged Shumpert of “extreme narcissistic behaviour throughout the majority of their marriage” in her initial lawsuit.

He allegedly sent her “condescending and manipulative” texts and “did not desire her to work” because he was “insecure” over the end of his professional basketball career. Shumpert announced his retirement from the NBA in 2021. Taylor also alleged Iman Shumpert of cheating on her several times during their marriage and of “being incredibly emotionally and mentally violent” to her. When they originally separated in September, she asserted that “infidelity” was not a factor. Taylor seemed optimistic about their future connection in the post, characterising them as “still the best of friends as well as great business partners.” Most importantly, we are FAMILY, and in our ten years together, seven years married, we have never played with or discussed THAT, she continued. Despite being upfront about their divorce, Taylor preferred that the divorce process be kept secret, calling it “heartbreaking” that the paperwork was made public. Taylor and Shumpert announced their romance in June 2014 and married in a private ceremony two years later.