Ice Spice Sparks Debates on Appearance with Pink Hair No-Makeup Look – Bronx Rapper Takes Social Media by Storm!

Rapper Ice Spice’s new image has gone viral, showcasing her in a no-makeup look, and her fans have been shutting down the trolls. Spice has become a sensation on the internet with her music and her iconic look. However, her recent picture is something different, revealing her natural beauty. Although many have been trolling that as well.

Read ahead to learn more about rapper Ice Spice’s new image with a no-makeup look that has gone viral, prompting her fans to shut down the trolls.

Ice Spice’s no-makeup look in a pic goes viral

Though fans often get to see pictures of Ice Spice on her social media accounts where she is seen with her curls, a recent image of her has gone viral. However, this time she sports a different hairstyle – straight pink hair – and appears in a no-makeup look.

The picture that has now gone viral showcases the rapper with a departure from her usual curls, opting for straight pink hair. The no-makeup look in the image has become a topic of conversation, with many netizens commenting on it as well.

Ice Spice’s no-make-up look gets trolled on the internet

There’s no star without facing criticism, and rapper Ice Spice is no exception. Recently, she received criticism when her image featuring a no-makeup look and straight pink hair went viral on social media.

Many netizens expressed their disapproval of Spice’s no-makeup look, resorting to trolling the rapper. However, her genuine fans swiftly came to her defense, supporting the rapper’s natural beauty.

Fans of Ice Spice come in support of the rapper

As soon as the viral no-makeup look of Ice Spice started circulating on the internet, her fans came to her defense to protect her from the trolling. The rapper’s true fans took to social media to react and praise her natural beauty.

Fans were quick to point out that the rapper looked just as good without her makeup. One of her fans commented, “Nothing wrong here.That’s how an actual woman looks like without filter and makeup”. Another one wrote “I was talking about how Ice Spice looks basically the same without makeup”.

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