Hi Nanna set for anticipated OTT release

We have some exciting news for film enthusiasts: the much-anticipated OTT release of the Indian Telugu-language drama film, ‘Hi Nanna’. Directed by Shouryuv, marking his directorial debut, the film stars Nani and Mrunal Thakur in the leading roles. Initially launched on 7th December 2023, the film has created a significant buzz among fans. Now the question that arises is, on which OTT platform will it be available? When is the release date? We will address these queries in this article.

OTT Release Details of ‘Hi Nanna’
The storyline of ‘Hi Nanna’ is as captivating as it is engaging. Viraj, a renowned fashion photographer, based in Mumbai, lives with his 6-year-old daughter, Mahi. Mahi, eager to know about her mother, strikes a deal with her father: if she tops her class, he will tell her the story. An unforeseen event leads to Mahi getting lost, only to be saved by Yashna. This triggers Yashna and Mahi to persuade Viraj to reveal the story of Varsha. The drama is truly riveting and is sure to keep you hooked. For more insights into this intriguing drama, keep reading.

As per sources, ‘Hi Nanna’ is set to make its digital debut soon. The buzz is that a prominent platform has acquired the film’s rights. The platform that is expected to showcase ‘Hi Nanna’ is Netflix, a globally recognised streaming service. The rumour is that the film may premiere on this platform approximately 5-60 days after the end of its theatrical run. This suggests that the film could be available to stream as early as January or February 2024. The film has received positive reviews and is expected to garner even more viewership on its OTT release.

The film has been appreciated by a wide range of viewers. Its compelling narrative has been lauded by fans. Mrunal Thukar’s performance, in particular, has been praised. Her performance in ‘Sita Ramam’ had already demonstrated her ability to tackle diverse and emotionally charged roles. In ‘Hi Nanna’, she has once again showcased her talent, giving life to her character in a way that resonates with the audience. The nuanced portrayal of the characters of Viraj and Yashna is expected to strike a chord with viewers.

In conclusion, ‘Hi Nanna’ is poised for its OTT release. Stay tuned for further updates and details about the film’s digital release.