Heidi Petracek shifts from CTV News Atlantic to Global News

Heidi Petracek, a distinguished figure in the field of journalism, has made a significant shift in her career. Previously identified with CTV News Atlantic, she moved to Global News in October 2023. Petracek, a native of Saskatchewan, has had an illustrious career in broadcasting, spanning roles such as reporter, host, producer, and writer.

Over the years, Petracek has demonstrated her prowess in communication, conducting interviews with a wide array of personalities, from Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis to Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield.

In the latter part of 2023, Petracek decided to steer her career towards Global News. She made her transition noteworthy, moving from CTV News Atlantic to a new role at Global National as an Atlantic correspondent, based in Halifax. This marked a pivotal change in her career journey.

Both Petracek and Global News publicly announced this career shift. On 21st October, she used social media to bid farewell to her CTV Atlantic team, expressing a sense of nostalgia and excitement for her next endeavour. She said, “Today was my last day @CTVAtlantic,” and emphasised her bittersweet feelings about leaving a talented team she had worked with for nearly 13 years.

It was soon disclosed that Petracek would succeed Ross Lord as a national correspondent at Global National. Lord had retired earlier that year, and Petracek’s arrival heralded a fresh era for the broadcasting network.

Upon joining Global National as the new Atlantic correspondent, Petracek expressed her gratitude. She felt privileged to be a part of the team, representing Atlantic Canada, which she considers her adopted home.

Petracek’s journey in journalism began during her high school years, with aspirations of becoming a national reporter. She has a deep fondness for Atlantic Canada and relishes the opportunity to share its stories with the broader nation. Since relocating to the region in 2000, she has covered a range of significant events, including Hurricane Fiona, the 9/11 aftermath, the decline of the Atlantic cod fishery, and the RCMP shootings in Moncton.

Moreover, she has demonstrated her commitment to comprehensive reporting by following through on challenging stories, such as the 2020 mass shooting in Portapique, N.S. She continued covering the incident until the Mass Casualty Commission released its final report.

Tristan Staddon, Global National’s managing editor, commended Petracek’s dedication as he welcomed her to the team. He remarked on her commitment to journalism and her eagerness to be part of the Global National team. Petracek’s career move not only marks a new chapter in her life but also sets a promising path for her future endeavours.