Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) Trailer Sparks Rap Tastemakers’ Interest and Gameplay Speculation: Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and the Growing Buzz

The much-awaited trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has been released, and fans believe the game features characters inspired by Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and Rod Wave. GTA has been one of the most popular games of all time, keeping fans excited about its new release announcement. But what’s the buzz about its rapper characters?

Read on to learn more about fans’ excitement, believing that GTA 6 features rapper characters in the game.

A little about the excitement over Grand Theft Auto VI

It’s been a long time since game lovers have kept their eyes wide open to know if GTA 6 is arriving soon or not. Recently, Rockstar Games even dropped an announcement about the expected game’s trailer release date. On social media, the release date of the trailer was mentioned along with a background image showing the aesthetics of Vice City.

Post this announcement, GTA 6 lovers have been excited to know when the game would arrive to play. But after the trailer of the game came out, fans have been left thinking there are many rapper characters in the game to find their place this time.

Metro Boomin, Rod Wave, and Travis Scott linked with GTA 6

The recent trailer of GTA 6 has showcased the characters of the upcoming game, offering customization options for hairstyles and even characteristics. However, many game lovers think the game could feature real-life rappers involved in the gameplay.

After watching the recent trailer of GTA 6, many fans thought a character in the game was inspired by rapper Rod Wave and Metro Boomin. That’s not all; the latest fan theory suggests that even Travis Scott appears in the strip club of the game. However, all of this can only be confirmed once the game is released.

More about the Grand Theft Auto VI

Though there’s no exact release date for Grand Theft Auto VI announced yet, the game most likely appears to be coming around 2025. However, an exact release date is still a must. Meanwhile, fans would surely get to know about the developments happening in the game gradually.

Apart from the characters of the game, fans have also been looking for the soundtracks in it, with many wishing to have tracks from Rick Ross. But with time, we will know more about what is going to happen in the game that has been awaited by all for years.

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