Florida Joker Demands Millions as GTA 6 Trailer Allegedly Features His Lookalike: Voice Actor Ned Luke Reacts


After a lookalike of the Florida Joker appeared in the GTA 6 trailer and demanded compensation for the resemblance, GTA 5 actor Ned Luke has come forward to troll the former. GTA 6 has become the talk of the town ever since its trailer was released. However, many popular figures have been claiming to have a role in the upcoming game, including Florida Joker, who believes there’s a character like him in the recent trailer and wants compensation for it.

Read on to learn more about GTA 5 actor Ned Luke trolling Florida Joker over his claim of having a lookalike in the GTA 6 trailer.

GTA 6’s recent trailer and controversy around it

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been one of the most talked-about topics this month, with Rockstar Games dropping hints about the game’s imminent release. The recent trailer for GTA 6 has piqued everyone’s curiosity, and numerous fan theories have also emerged.

Recently, Florida Joker, aka Lawrence Sullivan, made claims about GTA 6. On TikTok, Sullivan posted, asserting that his lookalike appeared in the recent trailer of GTA 6. He even requested compensation of $1-2 million from Rockstar Games for the same.

More about claims of Florida Joker over GTA 6

In his 9th December post this year, Sullivan stated “GTA, we gotta talk….. Florida Joker ain’t having it…. y’all took my likeness, y’all took my life”. His claims have divided netizens as some are convinced by his claims about his lookalike being in GTA 6 trailer.

However, many have come forward to deny his claims. Not only that, but even GTA 5 voice actor Ned Luke has reacted to Florida Joker’s claims about his lookalike in the GTA 6 trailer. Ned even took to social media to troll Sullivan.

GTA 5 voice actor Ned Luke trolls Florida Joker for his claims about GTA 6 trailer

Regarding Florida Joker’s claims of asking for compensation from Rockstar Games for his lookalike used in the GTA 6 trailer, the GTA 5 voice actor has come forward to react to the situation. As over his X account recently, he wrote “We had clowns in GTA V. This is nothing new. STFU”.

Meanwhile, amid all this controversy, Rockstar Games has yet to react to the claims of Florida Joker. Not to be missed, GTA 6 is set to be released for all in the year 2025. Hopefully, before that, we will have some more hints coming out on social media that everyone is eagerly waiting for.

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