False Buzz on TikTok: Rumors of Moana Being Transgender in Disney Sequel Debunked


Rumors about Moana becoming a transgender character in Moana 2 have been raising eyebrows, and here’s whether that’s really true or not. Moana, the popular Disney princess, has been one of everyone’s much-loved characters. While a sequel movie of Moana is expected by all the fans, the recent rumor about its protagonist has just made everyone curious.

Read ahead to find out whether Moana is set to become a transgender character in Moana 2 or not.

Rumors about Moana turning into a transgender character in Moana 2 go viral

You must be familiar with the popular Disney character, Moana, a character that has been well-received by all who watched the movie. While there hasn’t been a sequel to bring back that character yet, a rumor about it has been going viral on social media.

An article by Mouse Trap News has stated that in the sequel, Moana 2, the protagonist is going to be transgender. Following this, Disney fans have been curious to know if the claim is indeed true or not. But here’s everything to know before you believe the claims.

More about the rumors of Moana turning into a transgender character in Moana 2

After Mouse Trap News published an article stating that Disney princess Moana is set to become a transgender character in Moana 2, the article, published on December 10th, mentioned the title of the movie as “Moana 2: Rise of Kai.”

According to the article, Moana in the upcoming sequel movie will transform into a boy. The site also shared an edited video on their Instagram and TikTok, depicting Moana’s male version named Kai, announcing the transition to the family on the Island.

Is Moana really to turn into a transgender character in Moana 2?

Though the article and social media posts by Mouse Trap News suggest that Moana is going to become a transgender character in Moana 2.

The website about its articles also states “We write fake stories about Disney Parks stuff…..We write 100% made-up stories for your enjoyment. We also hope that Disney sees how much people like some our stories and decide actually to make one of our stories a reality!”.

As such, we can conclude that the article claiming Moana’s transformation into a transgender character is a fabricated story. Additionally, Disney has not confirmed the production of a sequel to Moana. However, it’s worth noting that a live-action film in collaboration with Disney, featuring Dwayne Johnson, was announced several months ago.

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