Fact Check: is Selena Gomez Considering Retiring From Music? Netizens React to Speculation


The multi-talented artist “Selena Gomez” hints at a possible early retirement from music as she explores new avenues.

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Career on SmartLess Podcast

In a recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, Selena Gomez delved into her illustrious career, offering insights into her journey as a singer and songwriter. The 31-year-old artist, who has been in the industry since a young age, shared candid thoughts about her experiences, including the joy of touring and the evolving priorities that come with age.

Selena Talks About Retiring from Music

As the conversation unfolded, Selena Gomez revealed a significant contemplation—she might be considering retirement from music. Recalling the early days when she juggled her singing career with the TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” Gomez expressed her desire to find a more settled path as she grows older. “Touring was a lot of fun after I started enjoying myself so much with music. However, I was working on my TV show at the same time, and I just kept going because I was having so much fun with it,” she shared.

However, Selena Gomez didn’t leave her fans in suspense. She declared that she envisions only one more album in her future. The singer hinted at a potential shift towards acting as her primary focus. “I think acting would be my choice. I’m exhausted right now and want to relax,” she added. Despite her doubts about her singing abilities, Gomez acknowledged her strength in storytelling through songwriting.

Balancing Acts: Acting, Music, and Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez, recognized not only for her music and acting but also as the founder of Rare Beauty, a cosmetic line launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, expressed a desire to choose a career lane. While she continues to release singles and work on music in her free time, the artist emphasized her inclination towards acting. Her roles in the Emmy-nominated series “Only Murders In the Building” and the television cooking show “Selena + Chef” showcase her versatility.

Twitter Reacts to Selena’s Music Revelation

Following the podcast’s release, Twitter was abuzz with reactions to Selena Gomez’s possible retirement from music. Pop Crave, a pop culture-based Twitter account, shared the news, sparking diverse responses. Some fans expressed sadness, while others speculated about the impact on the music industry. Selena’s followers, however, showcased enthusiasm for her potential final album, anticipating greatness.

As Selena Gomez navigates her diverse career, her decision to pivot towards acting resonates with her evolving interests and priorities, promising fans a unique and promising chapter in her artistic journey.

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