Ethics panel recommends expulsion of Mahua Moitra over alleged scandal

The latest buzz in the world of politics revolves around the report by the Ethics Panel, which is expected to be presented in the Lok Sabha today, concerning the potential expulsion of Mahua Moitra, a Member of Parliament from the Trinamool Congress party. The report revolves around an alleged cash-for-query scandal and its submission has been anticipated since it was listed on the lower house’s agenda for December 4 but not presented.

The Ethics Panel’s report, led by Vinod Kumar Sonkar, recommended Moitra’s expulsion from the Lok Sabha due to the supposed “cash-for-query” scandal. It’s worth noting that six members of the panel, including Congress MP Preneet Kaur, were suspended from their party for voting in favour of the report.

However, it’s not a unanimous agreement, with four members from the opposition party issuing dissenting notes. The fate of the TMC MP now hinges on the outcome of a vote in the House, which will decide whether to uphold the panel’s recommendation or not.

Many leaders from the opposition have voiced criticisms of the report, claiming it lacks any irrefutable evidence to support the complaint filed by Nishikant Dubey, a BJP Lok Sabha member. Dubey had earlier submitted a written complaint to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla against Moitra.

The complaint accuses Moitra of taking bribes to ask specific questions in the Lok Sabha, targeting the Adani Group, under the direction of businessman Darshan Hiranandani. The accusations, made by the BJP, suggest Moitra took money from the businessman to ask these questions in Parliament.

In response to these allegations, Moitra has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that while Hiranandani may have used her login credentials, there was no financial exchange involved. She further stated that it’s not uncommon for MPs to share their login information with others.

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