Enola Bedard, TikTok star, not related to Jennifer Lopez

The Canadian dancer and social media influencer, Enola Bedard, based in Los Angeles, is not related to Jennifer Lopez. She gained her fame through her unique dance routines on TikTok, which eventually led her to transition into singing. In June 2023, she debuted her first track titled, “Yes, Please”.

The question of a possible familial relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Enola Bedard arose when Jennifer Lopez posted a video on Instagram on December 30, 2023. The video showcased a lively blend of music and dance, featuring the viral “Jiggy Woogie” dance challenge with Enola Bedard. The challenge was set to the rhythm of Dancehall artists BabyLawd and DLegend’s “Jiggy Woogie”. The video then transitioned into Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming single “Can’t Get Enough,” which includes an interpolation of Sean Paul’s “I’m Still In Love With You.”

However, there is no evidence to suggest a direct familial link between these two individuals. Their connection seems to be purely professional, both sharing a passion for dance and entertainment. They each have their unique paths and have achieved success in their respective areas — Enola as a rising star in the digital realm and Jennifer as a globally recognized multi-talented artist.

Enola Bedard, born in Quebec City, Canada, is an only child. Her father, Stephane Bedard, serves in the military. Specific information about her mother and other family members remains undisclosed. Enola’s upbringing was likely influenced by the discipline and structure of military life, which may have shaped her devotion to dance and digital success. At 18, she chose to drop out of college to concentrate on dance and acting, indicating a supportive family environment.

Jennifer Lopez, born on July 24, 1969, in Bronx, New York, comes from a tight-knit Puerto Rican family. Her father, David Lopez, is a computer specialist, while her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is a kindergarten teacher. Jennifer grew up with two sisters, Leslie and Lynda.

In February 2008, Jennifer Lopez welcomed her twin children, Max and Emme, with singer Marc Anthony. The couple, married since 2004, has often shared glimpses of their family life and collaborative projects, including the 2006 biopic “El Cantante,” based on the life of salsa musician Hector Lavoe. Jennifer Lopez also shares daughters Ella Alexander (11) and Natasha Alexander (15) with her partner, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.