Dover man arrested for threatening to assassinate a presidential candidate

Tyler Anderson, 30, a resident of Dover, has been taken into custody by the FBI. The charges levelled against him include the use of interstate commerce to issue threats. Anderson, who hails from New Hampshire, is believed to have sent menacing text messages threatening to assassinate a presidential candidate. This incident happened just before a campaign event scheduled for Monday.

The identity of the candidate under threat has been withheld by the US Attorney’s office, as reported earlier. However, on Monday, Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign confirmed that he was the recipient of the threatening messages. Stefan Mychajliw, the deputy director of communications, appreciated law enforcement’s quick response and professional handling of the situation, in a statement.

During his first court appearance on Monday, Anderson remained silent, only nodding in affirmation to the judge’s queries about his understanding of the proceedings. His court-appointed lawyer chose not to comment post the hearing. A detention hearing for Anderson is slated for Thursday this week.

Court documents indicate that Anderson came to know about Monday’s breakfast gathering in Portsmouth via a text message from the candidate’s campaign on Friday. In response, the campaign staff received two threatening text messages, according to an FBI agent’s sworn statement. One message threatened to shoot the candidate in the head, while the other contained threats to kill all attendees and mutilate their bodies.

The FBI was able to trace the source of these messages to Anderson through the mobile number. A search warrant executed at Anderson’s residence on Saturday led to the discovery of the threatening text messages in a deleted folder. During an interview with the FBI, Anderson reportedly admitted to sending similar text messages to “multiple other campaigns”, as per the complaint. For the most recent updates, stay connected with us.