DJ Chicken’s car crash sparks unfounded death rumours

DJ Chicken, whose real identity is Ademola, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music and entertainment scene. He has earned his fame and a dedicated fanbase through his unique mixtape style that incorporates the distinct Kukuruku language. His innovative approach to music is showcased in popular releases such as the Welcome Back Mixtape, New Era EP1 Mix 2022, Aare Ika Awaiting Star Mix, and the ongoing Kukuruku Mix series.

Ademola has solidified his position in the Nigerian music landscape through collaborations with other well-known artists, establishing himself as a significant and influential persona. Despite the recent widespread internet rumour, the DJ Chicken death news is not accurate. Ademola Abiodun, popularly known as DJ Chicken, is very much alive and actively involved in his work and public appearances.

The false reports of his death began to circulate following a car accident. The internet was awash with videos of the remnants of the singer’s devastating car crash in the Lekki area of Lagos. While some netizens expressed concern for DJ Chicken’s wellbeing, others speculated that reckless driving might have been the cause. DJ Chicken’s severely damaged Mercedes Benz SUV featured in viral social media posts in the early hours of December 12, 2023.

DJ Chicken, a controversial entertainer and rival to Portable, is currently recuperating from a significant setback. He recently purchased a new car, which unfortunately ended up in a car accident in Lagos’ Lekki area. A viral video showcased an irate Chicken berating a driver who seemed to have caused damage to his car. While some onlookers gathered to watch the scene, others tried to pacify the musician.

DJ Chicken posted a second video of the crash on his Instagram page, accompanied by a comment criticising the incident. He suggested that there were forces against him driving in December. Despite the accident, there is no reason to believe that his health is in any danger.

DJ Chicken has garnered attention through his unique mixtapes, featuring his distinctive Kukuruku dialect. His creative efforts have resulted in the successful launch of various projects like the Kukuruku Mix series’ 12th edition, Aare Ika Awaiting Star Mix, Welcome Back Mixtape, and New Era EP1 Mix 2022. He has collaborated with top Nigerian musicians such as Portable, QDot, Fela 2, and Hybeekay.

Despite the recent controversy over his new car, DJ Chicken’s music production and DJing skills have received universal acclaim. He has been recognised with numerous awards for his contributions to the music industry. DJ Chicken continues to enjoy popularity among Nigerian music enthusiasts for his unique style and high-energy performances. There are no indications that his fame will wane any time soon. Through his uplifting and entertaining music, he holds his position as one of Nigeria’s most talented and distinctive musicians.