Disney’ Explosive Satire: The Babylon Bee’s Fake Defense Contract Fiasco and the Internet’s Reaction


An article has been going viral on the internet, claiming that Disney has secured a defense contract with the US government. While Disney is renowned for its diverse productions and services and has previously secured lucrative deals, is the claim about Disney obtaining a defense contract with the US Department accurate? Here’s everything we know about it.

Read ahead to learn more about the rumored Disney defense contract with the US government.

Disney Faces Rumors of Alleged Defense Contract with the US Government

You may have come across several new deals from Disney, whether it’s for any of its own projects or collaborations. However, the latest report about them is something you may not have expected. A recent report claims that Disney has received a defense contract with the US government.

The article making this claim was published on The Babylon Bee website. The title of the article by them reads, “Disney Awarded Defense Contract After Producing More Bombs Than Lockheed Martin.” But the reality behind this claim is something you should know.

Did Disney get a defense contract with the US government?

Although The Babylon Bee published an article claiming that Disney has received a contract from the Department of Defense with the US government, stating that Disney entered a deal to produce bombs on November 28, 2023.

The truth behind the published article is something you need to know. The Babylon Bee is a satirical news website that comically presents fake news. It’s important to note that The Babylon Bee is a conservative Christian satire website.

Netizens react to rumours of Disney getting defense contract with US government

After The Babylon Bee published the article about Disney securing a defense contract with the US government, netizens have been reacting to it with mixed responses. They have been expressing their thoughts and comments about it on social media.

Some netizens have praised the website for its humor and wit used in the article about Disney. However, others felt that the article wasn’t funny at all. Previously, some articles by The Babylon Bee had also gained viral attention on social media for their content.

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