Debunked: Viral Claim of Jimmy Kimmel in Epstein Documents Exposed as Fabrication

The viral Facebook post claiming TV host Jimmy Kimmel’s involvement in the Epstein case has turned out to be fake. It created a lot of buzz when the allegations about Kimmel being on the Epstein list came out on social media. While Kimmel himself denied his involvement, the truth has finally proven the TV host’s innocence.

Read ahead to know more about the post claiming Jimmy Kimmel’s involvement in the Epstein case, which has turned out to be fake.

Facebook post goes viral about Jimmy Kimmel’s involvement in Epstein case

While Jeffrey Epstein’s case has been revealing unsealed documents that include the names of big celebrities, a Facebook post went viral claiming that Jimmy Kimmel’s name was included in the list of celebrities as well.

For those unfamiliar, Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier accused of being a sex offender as well. He faced allegations of sexually abusing young girls on his “Pedophile Island.” He had connections with celebrities who would visit his mansion, and Epstein would allegedly provide them with girls. The unsealed documents in his case are now revealing the names of a few celebrities as well.

Is Jimmy Kimmel involved in the Epstein case?

It was Aaron Rodgers who claimed to have Jimmy Kimmel’s name on the Epstein case list. Subsequently, a Facebook post making the same claim went viral. However, the transcript or text seemingly showing a connection between Jimmy and Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island turned out to be fake.

On January 3rd, the 943 pages of the unsealed documents from the Epstein case were reviewed and made public. However, Jimmy Kimmel’s name was not found anywhere in the documents. Hence, it seems like the post claim ing Kimmel’s involvement was entirely fake.

Jimmy Kimmel denied being involved in Epstein case

While Aaron Rodgers initially claimed Jimmy Kimmel’s involvement in the Epstein case, Jimmy addressed the matter on Twitter. He stated, “For the record, I’ve not met, flown with, visited, or had any contact whatsoever with Epstein, nor will you find my name on any ‘list’”.

A leading newspaper provided online access to the supposed set that was claimed to have Jimmy Kimmel’s name. However, upon thorough review and rechecking, there was nothing connected to Kimmel on the list, thereby refuting his role in the infamous case.

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