CryptoZoo Scandal: Logan Paul Exposed for ‘Hidden Terms’ in NFT Refund, Sparks Backlash

Logan Paul faces exposure as a lawyer representing Cryptozoo victims reveals alleged use of ‘hidden terms.’ Described as a predatory tactic, these terms supposedly include a partial claim waiver on a “buyback,” significantly less than the financial damage caused.

Logan Paul has launched the CryptoZoo website to refund NFT buyers and take action against those responsible for the failure of his project. When Logan introduced his crypto coin-based game, ‘CryptoZoo,’ there was a lot of excitement around it. However, Logan’s project couldn’t survive.

Read ahead to know more about Logan Paul launching the CryptoZoo website for refunding NFT buyers.

All about the CryptoZoo and drama surrounding it

Logan Paul’s success on the internet and influencer boxing brought him a lot of fan following. However, with such fame often comes controversies to face as well. In 2021, Logan Paul introduced the concept of his CryptoZoo game, which was a crypto coin-based game.

The game was supposed to give its users a chance to collect, breed, and trade animal hybrids for NFTs. However, before the game could perform well, it was surrounded by plenty of controversies, whether it was about its launch or the accusation of ripping off Adobe stock images for the hybrid animals in the game.

Logan Paul launches CryptoZoo website to refund NFT buyers

For all those who have been worried after investing in NFTs of CryptoZoo by Logan Paul, the boxer has finally launched the CryptoZoo website to refund those NFT buyers. It was on January 4th, 2024, that Logan shared about the same on X via his lengthy post.

In his post, he wrote, “Today, I’m incredibly happy to announce that I’m delivering on my promise to buy back Base Egg and Base Animal CryptoZoo NFTs for their original purchase price”. Along with this, he shared the link where the buyback program was being carried out.

More about Logan Paul launched buyback website for CryptoZoo NFTs buyers

With the post about getting a refund to NFT buyers of CryptoZoo, Logan Paul shared a link to submit their form to get the same. This can be submitted through 8th February. Logan even shared that he himself lost money on the CryptoZoo project.

Also, Logan is filing a lawsuit against those who were responsible for derailing his CryptoZoo project. He shared the 25-page suit with everyone as well. Not to miss, Logan made it clear to all that the CryptoZoo game won’t be launching ever, and that it’s the end of the road for the project.

Logan Paul Exposed by Lawyer

In a shocking turn of events, Logan Paul finds himself in hot water as a lawyer representing the Cryptozoo victims has exposed the popular YouTuber for allegedly employing deceptive tactics. The lawyer claims that Logan Paul has utilized ‘hidden terms,’ portraying them as a predatory maneuver aimed at including a total claim waiver on a supposed “buyback.”

However, it is asserted that this buyback provision only covers a fraction of the financial harm inflicted upon the victims. This revelation raises serious concerns about the ethical practices surrounding Logan Paul’s involvement in the Cryptozoo debacle. The exposure by the lawyer not only sheds light on the potential exploitation of unsuspecting victims but also calls into question the transparency and fairness of Logan Paul’s actions in this controversial matter. As the legal battle unfolds, the public awaits further developments in this intricate case, eager to discern the full extent of Logan Paul’s involvement and the consequences that may follow.

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