Comedian Matt Rife Sparks Outrage: Feud with 6-Year-Old TikTok Star “Bunny Hedaya” and Controversial Netflix Special Opener

Comedian Matt Rife recently made news after getting into an argument with Bunny Hedaya, the 6-year-old son of a TikTok influencer. For those who are unaware, Matt Rife sparked outrage last month when he began his debut Netflix special with a joke about domestic abuse. Natural Selection, a stand-up special, also included gags on astrology and horoscopes. In it, he appears to belittle single women, saying, “It has nothing to do with the stars, man.” Just because Jupiter wears a ring and you don’t doesn’t mean you should seek to him for [romantic relationship] magical guidance.” Bunny Hedaya’s son replied to the joke on his mother’s Instagram account on Saturday.

The section in which Matt Rife discusses Jupiter’s ring is addressed by the six-year-old, who also pokes fun at the comedian’s domestic violence joke. “In reality, Saturn has the rings. It also has more [visible rings]. “You are mean to girls,” he continued. As soon as Rife saw the reel, he went to the Instagram post’s comment section and left a since-deleted message. Not only did Rife start a feud with the six-year-old, but he also made an inappropriate remark about Bunny Hedaya, implying that she was a prostitute, as OnlyFans is a content subscription service usually used by s*x workers to make pornography. Physical fitness influencers also utilise it to create content. Netizens attacked Matt Rife after his argument with the toddler went viral.

Who Exactly Is Bunny Hedaya? Matt Rife Feuds With TikToker’s 6-year-Old Son And Says Santa Isn’t Real, Leaving Netizens Angry

Matt Rife’s comic career is only getting started, and he’s already entangled in another scandal. TikToker Bunny Hedaya attacked the Netflix actor on social media on Saturday, saying he just made a rude statement about her 6-year-old son online. “Matt Rife decided to begin a beef with my 6-year-old child online,” Hedaya stated in her TikTok video, which has already received 9 million views, denouncing Rife’s behaviour. Hedaya, who claims her son is “really into [outer] space,” then shared a clip in which the controversial comic allegedly delivered a heated response to her son after he recorded a TikTok reaction video about a segment of Rife’s new Netflix comedy, “Natural Selection.” Rife made fun of individuals who are interested in astrology in his comedy special. “I’m sick of you ladies blaming your bad decisions on planets that don’t even know you….” Your thoughts, opinions, and actions influence your future. “You have complete control over how your future unfolds,” Rife, 28, added. “Man, it doesn’t have anything to do with stars.” he said. Just because Jupiter wears a ring and you don’t doesn’t mean you should go to him for magical guidance.”

Hedaya’s kid responded to Rife’s astrology joke in a second video. “In reality, Saturn has the rings. “It has more [visible rings,” he explained. “And, you’re mean to girls,” he continued, likely referring to Rife’s inappropriate comment about domestic violence victims earlier in the same special. Hedaya later stated on TikTok that her son’s response was meant to be “lighthearted,” and Rife was never tagged in the video. TikTok star Bunny Hedaya is a 33-year-old native of Albany, New York, according to Famous Birthdays. She is well-known for her TikTok and Instagram lifestyle video material, which she frequently shows her son Aden. She began her influencer career on TikTok in January 2020. She has almost 2.2 million Twitter followers and 210,000 Instagram followers. Bunny Hedaya also has a YouTube account where she hosts Q&A sessions and broadcasts films that give her audience a glimpse into her life. She also hosts her own reality show, Legally Bunny. Hedaya is also frequently likened to Kourtney Kardashian due to vocal similarities.