Charli Burnett Reveals the Reason for Not Returning in Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules

Fans are shocked to see Charli Burnett missing from the recent teaser of Vanderpump Rules Season 11, and here’s the reason why. Vanderpump Rules, a popular reality TV show, has garnered a lot of love from viewers. With the new year all set to welcome Season 11, it appears that fans are upset about Charli’s absence in the upcoming season.

Read ahead to know more about why Charli Burnett isn’t to be seen in Vanderpump Rules season 11.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 coming soon

Vanderpump Rules, with all its seasons, has been able to amass a huge viewership. The drama on the show, especially the recent ‘Scandoval,’ has left everyone eagerly awaiting the new season after the 10th installment. Fortunately, an announcement for Season 11 has been made.

The much-awaited season of Vanderpump Rules is set to premiere this January, and everyone is excited about its cast. A teaser showcasing the cast has also been released. However, fans are upset over the absence of a member in the teaser, and here’s who that is.

Charli Burnett missing in the teaser for season 11 of Vanderpump Rules

Bravo has recently released a teaser featuring the cast of Season 11 alongside a trailer. The teaser left fans wondering about Charli Burnett, as she was missing from it. Fans quickly assumed that Charli won’t be returning for the upcoming season.

Notably, Charli has been a consistent cast member of Vanderpump Rules since season 8. Therefore, fans have been expecting her return. But what made her not return for Season 11? Well, Charli herself recently provided the answer, explaining the reason behind her absence from the highly anticipated season.

Why is Charli Burnett not in season 11 of Vanderpump Rules?

Charli Burnett’s fans aren’t happy to see her missing from Vanderpump Rules Season 11. However, Charli has provided the reason why she isn’t returning in the upcoming season. During her appearance on the Nick Viall podcast on December 12th, she explained what prevented her from being in the season

Charli Burnett said “I just couldn’t do it. I sat, they got the contracts. I mean we were talking for months. Everything was good and then the day i came to sign on the dotted line, I was like all ready to film that night, just something told me not to do it”.

Charli mentioned that Vanderpump Rules was making her personal life, especially her relationships, a bit tough to handle. As she added “I’m on Vanderpump clock. And I lost a lot of friends that were in my real life. And i felt like my family relationships were and getting into this space with my now fiance, it was like where am I going and what am I doing?”.

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