Charles Cullen Suicide Or Not? What Happened TO Charles Cullen Going Through Depression Details Explored!

Charles Cullen is in the media as he’s believed to have made a suicide attempt. What did he do? Did he have any mental health issues? We will go over all you need to learn regarding Charles Cullen. Charles Cullen is said to be involved in a variety of crimes in the last several years. Cullen has been accused of trying to commit suicide numerous times. He was convicted of life sentences 18 times. He is age 62. He was a serial criminal between 1998 and 2003. He worked as nursing for 16 years in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has been a nurse for over 16 years. There is a rumor that he could have been involved in the murder of more than 30 individuals. Charles Cullen has been said to have had more than twenty suicide attempts.

Charles Cullen Suicide

He was rescued in each one of them. He began to commit suicide at the age of nine. He attempted suicide when he was nine by drinking chemical substances from a laboratory. The second time he attempted suicide was at the age of 17 when his mother died. He was referred to the Navy hospital for psychiatric care because there were multiple suicide attempts. He was released in 1984. The reason he was discharged was not explained. He’s not concerned about his demise. He is always trying to find the possibility of death. If he is able to kill himself, he is able to kill anyone. He was constantly victimized by his coworkers. He also attempted suicide. He tried the use of pills to hurt himself.

Charles Cullen is currently in jail but hasn’t said to be committing suicide attempts since his last visit. He is under close supervision. There are numerous sources that claim Charles suffers from mental illness. Charles was referred to psychiatric institutions. The reports say he is suffering from depression. Depression also caused him to take part in such things. He was subject to criticism and victimized in his youth.

The mother of his father also passed away in the age group of 17 and his father is believed to have died shortly before the passing of his mother. Killer Nurse is a movie that is based on the life that was told by Charles Cullen. The film was written by Ulli Lommel. He is in critical health. He is directly and indirectly being punished for the crimes he’s committed every day.