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Join us as we pay tribute to the remarkable life of Clare M. Byrnes, a beloved resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On December 31st, 2023, Clare left this world, leaving behind a profound impact on her family and friends. As the sole survivor of her immediate family, Clare’s passing marks the end of an era. However, her legacy lives on through her devoted husband, children, siblings, 22 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, we invite you to honor Clare’s memory by making a contribution to the Joslin Diabetes Center Office of Philanthropy at Beth Israel Lahey Health. Let us come together to celebrate the life of a remarkable individual who touched the hearts of many.

Obituary: Clare M. Byrnes

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Clare M. Byrnes

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Clare M. Byrnes, a beloved resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On December 31st, 2023, Clare left this world, leaving behind a profound impact on the lives of those who knew her. Her memory will forever be cherished by her family, friends, and the community she was a part of.

Passing of Clare M. Byrnes

A Life Well-Lived: Reflecting on Clare M. Byrnes’ Journey

Clare M. Byrnes’ journey on this earth came to a peaceful end on December 31st, 2023. She was a remarkable individual who touched the hearts of many through her kindness, compassion, and unwavering love for her family. Clare’s passing leaves a void in the lives of those who were fortunate enough to know her, but her spirit will continue to inspire and guide us.

Condolences and Memorial Page

Sharing Our Deepest Condolences and Honoring Clare M. Byrnes

In this time of grief, we invite you to join us in expressing your condolences and sharing your memories of Clare M. Byrnes on the memorial page dedicated to her. It is a space where we can come together as a community to celebrate her life, offer support to her family, and remember the beautiful moments we shared with her. Your kind words and heartfelt messages will provide comfort and solace during this difficult time.

Family and Legacy

A Legacy of Love and Connection: The Byrnes Family

The Byrnes family is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the bonds that tie us together. Through the generations, they have faced both joy and sorrow, but their unwavering support for one another has remained constant. Their story is one of strength, unity, and the enduring power of family.

Deceased Family Members

Remembering Those Who Came Before: Honoring the Byrnes Family

The Byrnes family has experienced the loss of beloved family members who have left an indelible mark on their hearts. We remember and honor the lives of Clyde Gosnell, Ann Gosnell (Dougherty), her granddaughter Grace, and her brothers Clyde, Michael, and Peter. Though they may no longer be with us, their memory lives on through the stories and cherished moments shared by their loved ones.

Surviving Family Members

A Legacy Continues: The Byrnes Family’s Strength and Resilience

While the Byrnes family has experienced profound loss, they are also blessed with a resilient spirit and a strong bond that carries them forward. Clare M. Byrnes’ husband Bobby Byrnes, her children Bob (Meghan), Mary Anne (Bill), John (Lynette), Jim (Barbara), Ed (Mary), Clare (Tom), and Margie (Leo), as well as her siblings Ann Thomson and James, are the torchbearers of her legacy. Their love, support, and shared memories will ensure that Clare’s spirit lives on in the hearts of future generations.

Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

A Legacy of Love Passed Down: Celebrating the Byrnes Family’s Descendants

Clare M. Byrnes’ legacy extends beyond her immediate family to include 22 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Each of these individuals carries a piece of her spirit and embodies the values she held dear. As they grow and forge their own paths, they will continue to honor their family’s heritage and the love that has been passed down through the generations.

Memorial Contributions

Honoring Clare M. Byrnes’ Legacy: Making a Meaningful Contribution

In memory of Clare M. Byrnes, we invite you to consider making a memorial contribution that will have a lasting impact. By supporting a cause that was close to Clare’s heart, you can honor her memory and continue her legacy of compassion and generosity.

Joslin Diabetes Center Office of Philanthropy

Clare M. Byrnes - 2023 - Ruffenach Family Funeral Homes


Supporting Diabetes Research and Care: The Joslin Diabetes Center

One organization that held great significance to Clare M. Byrnes was the Joslin Diabetes Center Office of Philanthropy. By directing your memorial contributions to this center, you can contribute to their vital work in diabetes research, education, and patient care. Your donation will help improve the lives of those affected by diabetes and bring us closer to finding a cure.


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