Blueface vs. NLE Choppa: Rapper Responds to Boxing Challenge Amid Baby Mama Drama

Blueface, in a recent remix, rapped about NLE Choppa’s ex, and that has led Choppa to challenge Blueface to a boxing match. Blueface is once again attracting attention, this time from NLE Choppa, due to his remix. It seems that Choppa didn’t appreciate the lyrics in Blueface’s remix.

Read ahead to learn more about Blueface rapping about NLE Choppa’s ex, prompting Choppa to challenge him to a boxing match.

Blueface raps about NLE Choppa’s ex

Rapper Blueface has previously been in the limelight for various reasons, including his relationship with Chrisean Rock. However, this time he’s grabbing attention for his recent remix. He was part of Jaidyn Alexis’s Barbie remix, and it’s going viral.

Blueface in the remix even rapped about NLE Choppa’s ex, Marissa Da’Nae. It was just a few days ago when we heard the track. The lyrics of the song seem to have prompted NLE Choppa to react. Choppa ended up challenging Blueface as a result.

What did Blueface rap about NLE Choppa’s ex in Barbie remix?

As soon as the Barbie remix by Jaidyn Alexis ft. Blueface came out, the lyrics of the song caught the attention of everyone. In the song, Blueface rapped, “F**k your feelings. You a son of a b***h [MILF Music, MILF Music]. I hate [?] Baby mama wanna hit. Why you lying bout the number? B***c you know I got the dig its”.

The song lyrics seem to have caught the attention of everyone, including NLE Choppa himself. This prompted Choppa to react, even challenging Blueface. Here’s what Choppa has challenged Blueface to.

NLE Choppa challenges Blueface to boxing match

After the Barbie remix by Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface went viral on social media, netizens, as well as NLE Choppa, took notice of the song. In fact, it prompted Choppa to challenge Blueface to a boxing match.

NLE Choppa tweeted “Let’s box @bluefacebleedem who can set up celebrity boxing match in Vegas me and him hit me ASAP. He undefeated vs women ion respects a ni*** that put his hands on em anyway!!!”.

Blueface responded with, “Finally we got one,” accompanied by an emoji of a fishing rod with a caught fish.

Well, now it needs to be seen if indeed both Blueface and NLE Choppa will have a boxing match or not. Blueface, not to miss, has already won his debut boxing match, while NLE Choppa is yet to make his debut.

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